hi, i have been meditating on my third eye for a motnh now. i am quite new.?

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wondering why i saw rays of purple light when my eyes were closed during meditation. how would u know if the third eye chakra is open?

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poke it !


purple light is often associated with sixth chakra.
if sixth chakra opens (FULLY), you feel like you are a bubble inside of your head the size of a marble, which is pressurized and inflated to the size of a grapefruit. Your mind becomes very clear, time seems to slow almost to a stop, and you gain
acess to the crown chakra.
Chakras opening and closing is very relative, a more minor opening might be much less than this, but would still be a very valid experience.

Pangel - loves to love

the third eye chakra colour is a purpley colour ( Indigo ) , so it is little wonder that is the colour you seen
so you are doing something right it seems
if it is opened and balance , then you should be experiencing a lot more images , visuals … clearly
you will experience more intuitive thoughts and trusting your instinct more
and be more able to detach yourself from problems in order to better cope with them

Don H

Trust me you will know.
The trip is unlike anything that you have experienced to date.
love and blessings Don


Trust me you will know when it’s working correctly.
It happens to me more when spirits come around, I can’t always see them, and if I don’t I feel their presence. It happen to me when asleep as well, when a spirit comes near, my third eye opens and I can see…. usually when that happens I am very aware of what’s going on, your focus in on the movement more than your surroundings, I can hear, feel, and communicate to some degree, telepathy and able to move my arms.
But it happens to me when awake too, I think something triggers it. Perhaps it’s the spirit within, usually I sense them coming before they get to me.
I do know when this one spirit comes to communicate, if and when I am asleep and my third eye is open….I do know if it becomes to comforting the third eye closes as if going to sleep. So basically I think the answer is not meditation, unless you prefer to astral project and see with your spiritual eyes. But it seems to me, it just happens, it works by being sensitive, aware of what’s about to happen….. does that make sense to you?

New Boot Goofin'

I see the same thing during meditation FYI


You go on practicing and do not discuss and assess your experiences. You are in the right path.


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