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hey,i need desperally help….i wan't to know how can i use my chakra-energy more….?

hi,1 year ago,i discover that i can use my energy to do some things..does anyone know if there is a martial art that you can train and use your chakra-energy??if you don’t know or if you don’t believe me don’t bother answer me that i am crazy….


  1. Just meditate and focus the energy through your hands.
    Try making a ball of energy and then try bouncing it around.
    Then try telekinesis etc.
    Have fun.

  2. allmost every style of martial arts has a segment on unlocking your chakras. the only problem is you have people out there like keith hefner (i dont know if you know him) that only teach basics. at a true dojo you will get more into study of the craft. (its not called martial “ARTS” for no reason lol) i suggest you just look for a serious teacher. not someone just trying to make money from you.

  3. There are 2 books on Chakra’s that I really like.
    A good one to start with is Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue PhD. It is a simple book about the different chakras with a great CD.
    The 2nd reads much more like a text book and is very in depth. Eye of the Lotus: Psycology of the Chakras by Dr. Richard Jelusich
    Good luck!


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