hey you guys – why isn't Thelema considered to be a religious cult?

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is that because Aleister Crowley the founder of Thelema is the most famous occultist of the last century?
was Thelema considered to be a cult during the times of the Abbey of Thelema and simply grew up in size so much in the last few year that people just stopped looking on it as on a cult?
PS – i’ve just noticed right now that the word “occult” and “a-cult” sound exactly the same xD lol

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Prometheus Unbound

“Do What Thou Wilt shall be The Whole of the Law”.
It is a Cult.


British writer, occultist. Born October 12, 1875, Crowley became interested in the occult while an undergraduate at Cambridge University, and he later founded the order known as the Silver Star. He travelled widely, settling for some years in Sicily with a group of disciples at the Abbey of Thelema. Rumours of drug abuse, orgies, and magical ceremonies led to his expulsion from Italy. He liked to be known as “the great beast” and “the wickedest man alive,” and it remains a mysterious coincidence that many who associated with him died tragically.


Isn’t it?
All religions are considered cults by one person or another.
Definition of cult :
any group of people whose activities and beliefs are not easily understood and thus they are the target of fearful condemnation.


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