hey what do i do with all my wicca stuff?

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ok so my dads like VERY VERY HARD CORE CHRISTIAN! my moms not but she lives up in the cities and is also a wiccan along with her girl friend (olgas awsome!!).im 14 and i got no place to hide my altar or my book of shadows or ANYTHING! and if my dad found out he WILL through me out on the streets! and even my cat thorn panics when i read my book of shadows and my dads near..( no joke the cat will sit down on my lap and read that book with me) were an i hide this stuff in a apt? and also what do i do if he catches me???help im really worried!
@ wiccan worrior.. i know i dont need all that stuff to be a wiccan but i JUST got my altar from my mom…shes had it scince she was in highschool…and im worrie if i do send it back too my mom shell feel horrible..

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Ruth Ann

Put it in a box under some of your bras and maybe some tampons. He won’t look any further.


Just tell him you’re playing Harry Potter. You wouldn’t be too far from the truth.


Unfortunately, you have to abide by your father’s wishes if you’re living in his house. It’s lame to have to do the pagan taqiyyah, but it is necessary sometimes.
Magickal tools, unless they have historical or very high personal value, can be replaced. They are incidental to your skill and development, and you can always get more. So I would go ahead and ditch the altar and the weapons. For the BoS, you can try making it digital and encrypted. That’s the easiest fix. Otherwise, you can get REALLY creative and try to code it so it looks nothing like a BoS; maybe more like a cook book or a foreign language practice or cleverly ensigilized poetry.
Your dad cannot throw you out, btw. If he does, go directly to the cops and report him. Long term solution: figure out how you can live with your mom.

Wiccan Warrior

Send it to your Mom.
You don’t need all the ritual objects to be a Wiccan, for many years I had no Altar, Athene or Goblet, I just imagined them to be there (and in some way I could actually see them) and could perform all the spells and rituals without them. When you get your own place you can rebuild and reconsecrate your altar.
Don’t risk hurting your fathers belief just because he hurts yours.
Remember the most important part of our belief is “harm none”

Crissy Hughes

Don’t read your book of shadows near your dad. Put other stuff in ur knicker drawer. But if you are so aware of wicca, you know that you don’t need any fancy tools, you can use items that are easily disguised, made of natural occuring materials, such as stones, wood, shells etc
good luck )O(

Goblyn Queen

Ask your mother to live with her. If your father cannot respect your beliefs, he shouldn’t have the privilege of having his kid live with him.
Sorry if I seem harsh, but I am not into the PC crap.


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