Hey man, this is a free world; what is with the Russian state using telepathy to try to make me sick?

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I am sorry, my account. Survive and continue be damned.

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In Soviet Russia, the Russian people use telepathy to make the State sick!


Actually.. the U.S. GOVERNMENT DID IT FIRST… The CIA started using thought control and distance seeing BACK IN THE 1950′.. and LONG before the Russians started using it.. AFTER THEY SAW HOW IT WORKED FOR AMERIKANS.


Excuse me, but… What?

Gino's mom

Where did you get the idea from that this is a free world Man. They make you believe that – so you stay put and happy. LIES.


The CIA wasn’t very good at it, though. They gave some soldiers acid and watched them trip balls, and then went “Now what?”


I give you my word that when I figure out what this question is all about, I will do my best to give you an answer.


Did it work?


I’m pretty sure Russia is a country, not a state.


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