Hey im new to Scrying can somone pleas help me?

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Hey I just bought a new black scrying boul but i dont really understand how im suposed to scry can somone help me? Oh and I got a Smudger to rid evil spirits just in case.

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Sugar Mama

Read the manual…may help.
please answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090722144742AAVhPaH

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Spit in the bowl and then rub it all over you.


I would suggest ceasing before you waste any more time or money on it.


Go to stormwind and ask a guard

Pull My Finger

Yes, I can help you. You see, scrying is just a fantasy, like all the other supernatural powers people claim to have. You are having trouble because there’s no such thing as a functional scrying bowl.

Der Kerzenschein

You need sage or some type of Herb, You burn it in the bowl, and fan it with the smudge fan over the things you want to purify, if it is a room, you fan the smoke over the doors and windows and all of the walls.


I have always had issues with scrying as well. I have tried crystal balls, crystals, and scrying mirrors. I usually just use a pendulum when I have a question of some sort. It doesn’t take as long for the answer to be formed and you don’t need any elaborate set ups either. I just carry the pendulum with me and every time I have a question I consult it.
Both using the pendulum and scrying are accessing your subconscious intuition, so I would say that either way you would obtain the same information.

Lisa G

Ebnic, damn it, you alliance jackoff.
Blood and thunder! T_T
Ahem, that said:
I would advise you use other sites than this. :p

Rai Sun

Did you get any advice from the person who sold it to you?
In all honesty it’s a form of meditation and interpreting the images you see.
The little I know about Black bowls, I (hopefully) recall you partially fill with water & a little oil on top. I’ve seen some who chose to put some crystals in the bottom (under the water level) – but that’s personal choice.


I’m amazed at all the retarded answers you got.
Scrying is a form of divination. It is the hardest form, in my opinion. It takes a lot of time to be able to do and most people get frustrated and quit before reaching that point. A black scrying bowl or black mirror is the best and easiest.
Sit down in a dark room, with a candle in front of you. Hold the bowl in your lap. It should be filled about halfway with water. Get comfortable, and just watch the surface of the water. After a while your eyes will get tired and your mind will wander. It takes a long time for that “thinking” part of your brain to take a vacation so the 6th sense can come forward. Seeing things in a scrying mirror or bowl is like trying to see a scrambled 3D image. You just look and look and look and then pop! you see it. Remember, these images are fleeting and you can easily get “lost” in there. I usually set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. This is NOT like watching a movie unfold. Galadriel’s mirror in that scene from Fellowship of the Ring was fantastic, but quite far from the actual truth of scrying.
Don’t give up. You may not have any success for a while. Good luck!


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