Home Discussion Forum Hey folks, did you know there are 12-spokes?

Hey folks, did you know there are 12-spokes?

in the Heart-Chakra.
four of them emit the Blue-Fire, four of them emit Rose-Pink-Fire. four by Yellow-Fire
That’s the Trinity Jesus was talking about.
Each of the 12-also corresponds one of 12-Rays from the Central Sun.
Your thoughts?


  1. Funny, I thought the trinity that Jesus was talking about was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.
    What you seem to be talking about is the visible spectrum of light: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, which is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. You people are equating life with energy. Energy and mass are equivalent and are but creatiions of God. Energy is not spiritual, mass is not spiritual.

  2. Well if you want to know the truth all that goes back to the Egyptian God Horas, and you may want to watch this on youtube.
    This all goes back to the Black Man and everything else you talk about spiritually also came from Black People. Even Jesus looked like the babies that all the Americans are killing in Iraq! But it makes all the Christian’s feel better thinking that Jesus had blond hair and Blue eyes, and that White people are saved because they are white.
    I am not saying all this because I am racist or Pro Black, I say it because it,s the truth. I personally believe that Jesus did live, but that the Bible has been changed, and these spokes you talk about are a part of it, along with the number 12. So, go to youtube and let me know what you think okay?
    So, all this stuff comes from Africa, but America want us all to believe that White people gave us all these spiritual things, and that is the biggest SIN OF ALL!


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