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Hey, check this out.?

Is Sleep Paralysis Demonic? From Satan? I’ve had a couple of experiences with SP within the year.


  1. Yes, because Satan has complete control of every human’s nervous system, and just sits there in the basement causing them sleep paralysis. Way to go being the most evil living creature of all time.

  2. I’m not sure what sleep paralysis is, but I really notice and believe that unseen forces are at work in our lives ‘way more than we realize. That’s why constant prayer to our Creator Redeemer is getting to be more important than ever in these last days.

  3. Just because u don’t understand something doesn’t make it “the devil”. But then again I don’t believe in a devil or know what sleep paralysis is. Almost sounds like hypnosis

  4. No. It´s just the opposite of sleepwalking – a part of your brain starts waking up before the body´s natural paralasys mechanism has switched off. You can´t move, and because your brain is only partially awake, you drift in and out of a weird semi-conscious dreamlike state. I get it, too. You´ll get used to it


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