I’m a bit confused as to how Sylar managed to stop the IV that Mohinder had set up to stop/prevent Sylar from using his powers ??? Surely he would’ve needed to use his telekinesis power to turn off the IV but how could he if the IV drug was supposed to be inhibiting this? His hands were tied/taped down so he couldn’t do it manually…. Hmmm… Am I missing something?
Didn’t he wake up (from whatever he’d been drugged with) already attached to the IV though?

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  • Heroes ROCKS !!!!!!!!

    U think Sylar would be happy with just 4 or 5 powers wouldn’t you ! But no gotta steal from everyone !!

  • telekinensis
    series 2 is good also
    have seen up to episode 6
    shall i tell what happens
    well —–when you have seen number 23 in 1st series

  • I don’t remember if it was in the commentary for this episode or if it was an interview, but one of the writers or producers has said that it was pretty much willpower. His will was stronger than the drug, allowing him to use his telekinesis to turn the IV off.

  • Wondered what you were talking about for a sec… Then I realised that was season 1.

    And he did indeed use telekinesis, as evidenced by what happened when Suresh tried to shoot him: If you look closely, the IV isn’t actually running.

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