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Here’s what the Alien Life told me while Zen Meditating?

I was asked by yahoo answers posting to say what they told me :
That they were at million years away from our solar system a planet called Graniostas
they are not living physically anymore due to physical genes issues , they live in some type
cosmic live (without body).They don’t know earth(except distance) and asked me details about our world. They seems friendly and pacific and said they will contact me again. I am been practicing Zen Meditation for a while that’s the first time I have been contacted by another Alien dimension.


  • I would have a talk with your doctor. Either you just playing with yourself or you are experiencing auditory hallucinations – a symptom of schizophrenia.


    I have also been contacted, by the Flimoorians. They warned me that the Graniostas do this to gain intelligence about a race and world they want to conquer! They are asking you about Earth to find out our weaknesses! DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM AGAIN! If they corner you and force you to talk, give false information! They are highly allergic to methane so you need to tell them that there are significant portions of it in our atmosphere. Also make us sound smarter than we are. DO NOT MENTION PEOPLE LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS OR SARAH PALIN! Stick to people like Hawkings and Sagan and Einstein, and even then make them sound easy to understand so that they will think us all smart. Finally, mention our technology and make it sound more advanced than it is. Make it sound like we have the ability to physical reach their planet in a few years time and try to get information from them.

    Then call the NSA immediately — NOT the CIA OR FBI!!! — and report EVERYTHING that you learn about them. It is our only hope to survive the enslavement they are going to attempt.

  • Wow you were channeling some heavy stuff. They seem nice enough but I wonder what kind of details they wanted to know. If you felt like they were simply curious like an explorer then I wouldn’t worry about it. Your experience seems more probable now that you told me about how they are advanced enough to exist w/o a body because if they figured that out then they just might be advanced enough to telepathically reach across a million light years. Somehow through meditation you were able to dial into a mutually compatible channel. Let us know if they keep their promise about contacting you in the future.

  • As David Hume famously said, a man who tells us that God spoke to him in a dream, does no more than tell us that he dreamed God spoke to him.

  • I read a book once called ‘The Hermit’..it was about a buddhist monk who was chosen by aliens to be the one who they would impart all knowledge to..he then retreated to a cave to live in isolation and meditate until the time was right for him to pass on the information to another.The book claims to be a true story..perhaps you might like to read it.

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