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Here’s some help with the term, Enlightenment, as it applies to spirituality –?

For more info, look at ‘3 Pillars of Zen’. Enlightenment is the experience of oneself that is completely non-dualistic (no ‘me’ versus ‘something else’) where one’s normal state of consciousness (which is based on duality) is transcended (albeit, part of the experience still registers within the individual consciousness). One experiences oneself as the ONLY thing in the universe (and EVERYTHING) – there are no words to describe it because one IS ‘That Which Has Always Been’ (the thing that was always here). It’s threatening to our normal psychological self (egos) because it sounds like annihilation. It’s registered in the consciousness (where the personality and ego are formed) but the source is not it. The next question is: if the psychological self and individuality are not real, WHAT experiences the enlightenment (e.g. if it’s not the ‘me’ with the personality, brain, etc.) — this, of course, is a classic Zen koan.
Agreed, Brett A — that’s why there’s a Buddhist line that says ‘If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him’. It’s not about the bullsh_t words that I just wrote but ONLY about direct experience — all of these words, concepts, etc. are BULLSH_T superstitions, magic, mysticism, etc. and should ONLY be used as potentially helpful tools to find out for one’s self. Otherwise, enlightenment because just another crutch belief that mimics the ego’s idea of heaven. Good points.
because ==> becomes

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I know where you are coming from and i like your thoughts. Enlightenment? i found this article in a group’s posting. I know it is very long and i know most people won’t read it and i know some who do, will say it is absolute rubbish or satanic etc., but maybe there is something in it for somebody to understand. i thought it put some thoughts of enlightenment in a way that i could relate to. How it is the Universe Totally Supports You B Y A E H R O N This is a channeled article from my… Read more »


the personality and brain are not you, that’s just it. We just think they are, being as that’s all most people have. It’s what we’ve been conditioned to think. But we are our souls, that is what get’s awakened and we start living AS our souls. We still have an intellect and we can create personality but we don’t ever make the mistake of identifying AS them. They are tools so being unenlightened is like identifying as your socket wrench or your computer. Or your car and I know some people who identify very strongly with their cars. Not that… Read more »

Brett A
Brett A

Here’s some help with the term, Enlightenment, as it applies to reality…
– Drop *all* superstitious, supernatural, mystical and religious entities, elements and forces from ‘luck’ to ‘Gods’.
– Relax, put your feet up or do whatever other good thing applies to you and your life.

“No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism” — Unkn.