Here's an off-season question (already). Crystal ball moments of the recent years?

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And who predicted correctly?
For example:
Winter of 2004 – Alonso vs Fisichella – who will come out on top?
Winter of 2006 – Who will partner Alonso at Mclaren? De la Rosa? Hamilton?
I must admit, I was wrong on both occasions.

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I confidently predicted that Jenson Button would be champion in 2007 AND 2008…
Whoever gave me a TD obviously missed the underlying implication that I DIDN’T pick Button for 2009…


2004 – It was hard to say though wasn’t it?? I think I went for Alonso, just through the fact that Fisi was up-and-down in his good years/bad years… He had hit a peak in 2004 with the Sauber but there never seemed like this was him reaching his full potential… It was just a peak for me… Alonso was at his level AND in the ascendancy…
2006 – Again, I didn’t think McLaren would’ve gone with De La Rosa… Dennis knew that Lewis was a special driver, and obviously thought sticking him in with the best could only be good… and boy was it!!
2009 – When I heard about Honda being saved and becoming Brawn, I called my dad and told him that Jenson would win races this year… I didn’t think he’d be champ, but he would win a few races…. I was even going to put a bet on him for WDC just before the first Barcelona test, but decided not to… thinking better of it!!! A real DOH! moment there!
2010 – I think my prediction for next year is that Felipe Massa will score as many points/wins as Alonso, if not more… Fernando is trying to break into Felipe’s team and I don’t think it’s gonna be easy…

Julian G

I expected Fisi to win the 05 title well into 2005!!! He’d had such a brilliant year at Sauber in 04, dragging it ahead of cars it should never of been ahead of, I thought he’d get the better of Alonso for at least 1 season.
I thought it was going to be Hammy all along, Pedrosa though solid was never going to put much of a fight for any possible wins or help towards the constructors title, and Hamilton was Ron’s legacy.


Idon’t think I made any real predictions.I thought Massa would win as he had an amazing season in 2008.
My stars for next year will be 1. Vettal 2. Hamilton 3. Jenson
I think things will go pear-shaped for Alonso at Ferrari.


In 2004 I thought Williams will challenge the title but I was wrong.
2005: I thought Ralf will stay at Williams joined by Webber, wrong. Fisi wouldn’t beat Alonso (correct)
2006: Massa wouldn’t win a race (wrong), Webber would win a race (Wrong), Kimi and Alonso will challenge for the title (Wrong), De La Rosa will partner Alonso (Wrong)
2007: Nakajima to partner Rosberg (Kind of right), Toyota to score a couple of podiums (Wrong)
2008: Kimi to reclaim title, Nico to join McLaren (Wrong)
2009: Nothing much
2010: Massa will win against Alonso but by a tiny margin, Webber will beat Vettel and I will call it, Williams or Toyota will win one race. Hoepfully Nakajima.


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