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Here is a quote by Albert Einstein that I like. What do you think is the meaning of this quote?

“The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible.”
I’d like to hear your opinion!


  1. 5W + 1H of all things. Is that God gives us things that can be understood or it’s mere science to solve anything that is even impossible at the beginning of thoughts?

  2. The hardest thing to understand is how easily it’s understood.
    He doesn’t comprehend how everyone else comprehends everything.

  3. in simple terms, it means that it is impossible to know everything. Albert Einstein had a tendency to say things like that. he always insisted we become wiser as we come to realise how little we know about the world and its surroundings.

  4. “the most difficult thing about the universe is that it is understandable
    Ahhhh to have a moment in the mind of Einstein.
    I think at the time he saw that others could not understand how he saw things in the universe. What they saw as complex, Einstien saw as understandable if you just free you mind of the laws at hand and make it simple.
    Take a moment to close you eyes and clear you thoughts, look beyond the beyond on a strait course into the sky. How far can your minds eye see?
    Do not say infinite, try to see infinite! keep going , double it, triple it …..
    That is what made him different. he can see in his minds eye beyond what you just saw.

  5. i think what it meant was that in this world, there are a lot (or maybe just one) of things that we should but can’t understand. this is because we are complicating things. and that even the most simplest things, we misunderstand.
    albert einstein knows that we, the humans, complicate things.. and he states in that quote that -he doesn’t understand why humans misunderstand most understandable things-
    … that is my opinion :)) but maybe i’m wrong

  6. With the amazing complexity of the universe, it is perhaps surprising that it can be understood by the mind of man. The FAITH of scientists is that it does obey laws which are understandable and that it is not the case that a scientist can think that something is beyond her understanding or be capriciously random ( systematically random is OK ) or due to things like miracles.


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