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Help with reading auras?

I just started yesterday but I have been practicing and trying to read objects. I usually get white auras from objects. I usually see blue, purple or gold auras. My dog had a gold/yellow aura. I’m not sure. There is a girl in my class who can read auras well. Should we each read a person and see if what I am seeing is right and not imagined?
Are there any tips on reading auras? Let me know, PLEASE!
I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m off my rocker, thanks though!


  1. i too am fascinated with this type of thing, so you are not alone, my hubby thinks i’m off my rocker…lol
    another thing that is really cool to study and check into is feng shui, its awesome, and i truly believe that it works.
    i stumbled across this website, it is very informative and offers practice stuff for reading auras, i haven’t practiced or tried to read anyone yet, but i did do the first exercises and saw the auras coming out of the top of the two circles

  2. Yes, its a good way to practise by working with a friend and comparing notes about what you see. But remember that even if you don’t see the same things as your friend, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily wrong. Sometimes people just see things differently.
    Another way to practise is to look at a person or an animal, while there is a white wall behind them, so that you aren’t being influenced by coloured or patterned walls.
    You can do the same thing by looking in a mirror at yourself.
    Good luck with your practise.
    I hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Give a read to “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi,
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer,
    “Kundalini West,” Ann Ree Colton,
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock,
    “Children Who Remember Previous Lives,” Ian Stevenson, M.D.,
    “Light Is a Living Spirit,” O. M. Aivanhov.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  4. Good question. to answer it I like what j had to say. The color of the auras mean different things to different people I have been able to see these and can see what a person is about way before they know. It is normal to me now. I see a lot of violet type colors and some darker and some more golden but purple and in diffent areas. Good luck in your search.

  5. Trust me it doesn’t come that quickly, both hemispheres of the brain must be able to operate at the same time. It could take you up to a month before it comes naturally.

  6. You’re not crazy (probably) but almost certainly suffering from retinal fatigue – you get this if you concentrate on an object for a few seconds. You start to see colors that aren’t there. Many, many people have misinterpreted this over the years as auras, but the truth is that no one has ever been able to prove they can see auras. For example, someone claimed they could see auras extending several feet from a person, even if the person wasn’t visible themselves – like behind a door. But when it came time to test this, they failed – they were just imagining it. They had managed to fool themselves.
    Here’s a possible way to test yourselves. Get together with this girl and another friend. Have the other friend choose 10 objects at random that you and the aura girl don’t know about. Have the friend show both of you these objects, in random order, one at a time – alone. Have you write down what color aura you see from each object, then compare your lists. Do they match (and the aura color isn’t, say, the same as the color of the object each time)? Great! A variation on this test would win you a million bucks from this guy http://www.randi.org . Do they not match up? Yep, you’re just imagining it.


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