Help with psychic attacks?

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I am not sure if I am allowed to speak of all of the things that have been happening . I have been attacked a lot lately. I have been channeling and tapping into a lot of things . I opened a new chakra recently the 7th and have found i have a lot of problems with it. Many people have been calling me , my compassion has been attacked . I have been being pulled from . I have tapped into the rose crucians and met free masons lately . I have met pagans, druids, and the like lately. Many energies have been calling me. I used to only work with psychic abilities but since I have been seeing energy and was taught to feel energy 2-3 months ago . A lot has been happening. I have had people walk completly through my body .I have had a person make a voodoo doll of me . I have had people try to drainmy energy. I tried to pull a demon out of a person and he tried to attack me with it afterward. I have been praying a lot lately . My psychic abilities are turned off sometimes .I am able to move things a little now . I can’t work with healing yet. i need help . i am afraid of peoples motives i have met lately. I can feel negativity on high levels but i am still confused about a lot of things. i had a man ask me if I wanted to be guided last night . i do not know if I can trust him. today I feel more negative after speaking to him . I question his connection with God because he channels through light instead of wanting to channel purely through God . What does it mean when a person prefers to channel through light .He calims that the old is the numbers and the new is the light. I use numbers more often but also feel electricity in high amounts. I get shocked a lot . And have interfered with lights and electrical things for years.
how do i shield. I know how to ground myself but do you mean with earth ? I grounded myself with earth once and deer started following not to mention the cats that have been following me ,i also grounded myself with a trinity once inside of a druids shop he told me i should and i felt off balance afterwards he was stabbing my compassion with a static grey energy that burned and hurt and another time with god . I want to do gods work so grounding myself with god would be good or would it be out of my league i am getting so many different answers from all of the different groups that want me.

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John N

Too much marijuana no?


Nowhere do you mention doing any shielding or cleansing. You must be lit up like a christmas tree.
GROUND. Then sheild. Make a point of doing it daily till you’re back on even keel.


Have a look at the articles on


OK, first step, close all your physic portals and mental connections to everyone and everything, except yourself. Next, allow your mind, body and soul to rest and recuperate for as long as it takes. This could mean hours, days, months or even years. When you are fully healed and restored, start by opening just one channel and see what happens. After each experience, close it. You must learn to open and close the channels and not multitask them, because that’s how you become overwhelmed and suffer a break down. Prayers help but keep it simple, you and God only.


Sounds like your feet are going out from under you a bit. You need to learn how to cleanse, shield, and ground.
Shielding is done by pulling energies from around and within you, and creating a sphere around yourself. You can pull from the earth, or yourself, and once you get good enough at it, you can pull them up instantly. For cleansing, you can do that many many ways. Just google chakra cleansing to find a method that works best for you. Grounding is a way to reconnect to the earth. You sit down, calm your mind, and remesh with the earth for a few minutes. Share her energy. Let it calm you and comfort you. Let it heal your wounds, etc.
You can email me if you need a more step by step process on any of these things.
Good luck!


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