Help with making a Book of Shadows?

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Okay, so I need help starting my Book of Shadows. But, I don’t really know how to start exactly.
What should I put in it? (Can you be specific please)
Is it okay to make it out of something like a binder with loose-leaf paper? (I’d like to do it this way but is that okay?)
And anything else that might help!
And what would be the best way to organize it so that when i add new stuff, I will still be able to keep it organised?

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Someone else just asked this question, actually.
Um…you put in spells, personal thoughts and whatever you want. There is no limit to what materials you use and as long as you believe in your book it will work wonders^^


Binders are OK as far as I know lol.
If you want it to look prettier pick up a blank scrapbook that you can add pages to.


spells,power thoughts,potions,feellings
hope i helped
you might also want to translate it into theban runic
C:\Documents and Settings\brady stevens\Desktop\theban.jpg


Ok, this seems like a serious question, so I’ll try to give you a serious answer.
According the the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, your Book of Shadows serves as a combination grimoire and journal of your experiences as a Wiccan. As a grimoire, you write down the formulas, incantations, and ingredients that go into the rituals or spells you know. As a journal, you use it to record your dreams, your intuitions, records of your magical workings and their results, etc. Some witches prefer to keep two books; one with the technical information about their spells, that they’re willing to share with others, and another more personal book that they keep private.
A binder with loose leaf paper, a spiral-bound notebook, or even a word document on your computer should serve the purpose just fine. But most Wiccans prefer to use less mundane receptacles. Some very nice blank journals can be found at high end book stores, over the internet, at pagan supply shops, or at renaissance fairs. While it doesn’t make a big difference, it’s about aesthetics and how you feel. A good, hardbound Book of Shadows is better than a notebook for the same reason a good athame is better than a steak knife; it’s a special tool, and you want it to be specially crafted.
As for your last question, here’s one more thing that might help. When you start your Book, keep it organized from the beginning. Use dividers and tabs. Arrange things alphabetically, if you’re using a binder. Keep your notes about the deities of various pantheons in one section, your notes on the properties of different stones and herbs in another, and your spells in a third. Arrange the information in a way that you won’t be frustrated when you look for it later. You want the experience of leafing through your BoS to be relaxing and fun, not annoying.
…There. That’s all I can give you. Good luck.


a book of shadows look like this
with a bunch of spells in it i got one myself and it looks just like that they sell them in Salem,Massachusetts its where i got mine when we went for a vacation


Your Book of shadows can be a note book, on the computer, a binder or anything you want it to be. It is what you feel comfortable with.
The things you should put into it, again is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.
Herb, crystal, colour meaning & info
Sabbath info & recipes
info on the path
your experiences while on your path, meditating, doing spells/rituals
These are a few things that I think some people may put in their BoS, but its just what you feel should be added to it.


I have placed in my blog a section on making a Book of Shadows and what CAN go into it. I hope it will help you 😀


I don’t, and never have kept anything i would refer to as a ‘Book of shadows’. However, i do write things down from time to time, in a variety of different books and diaries. I write about plants, herbs and oils, and recipes, these books i keep in the Kitchen. I write about other more private things, these books i keep in my Bedroom. I keep a set of files on my Computer with basic information that is useful, and i try to keep an updated inventory of what i have in stock at any given time. The point one can tell you what to put in your ‘book’, whatever you call it. Otherwise it would not be from, and about you. It is personal. And there is no one size fits all.

*White Raven*

What you do for your B.O.S. is solely your choice. They are your recordings.
It will be holding all information that is ‘sacred’ to you.
*if you want to use a binder. by all means. it helps with organization yes.
and if thats what one of your priorities is. then go ahead.
* I’ve known some who have created a ‘scrap book’ type of B.O.S
*While others do a Computer generated B.O.S
(personally i just write in B.O.S and creativity just flows through me, whether it’s through drawings, or written word.)
**there is no specific guideline as to how you should make it.. or what you need to include.
It’s yours, do whatever works for you..


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