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Hi ya:) Ok, so the gist of it is, is that I am an empath. Well, I know this as fact now, even though I have been fighting the reality of it for 2 years. Any-who, I was wondering if any one knew how to increase/control these abilities. I can “sense” how people are feeling but mostly I just absorb all the negative energy in a room 🙁 I hate it. I can’t go out to eat with out making at least 2 trips to the bathroom because of my emotions getting out of hand. 🙁 blah! Well, I was really wondering if anyone else out there was, like me, and empath. And if they have any advice on how a 16 year old girl could stop hating it and start embracing it. I have heard that “grounding” keeps it under control a bit, but I haven’t the faintest clue on how to do it… Any help would be GREATLY appreciated:)
I am not depressed! Why does every one keep saying that? I am one of the happiest people I know! I can tel the difference between MY feelings and the feelins of the lady sitting across the room.. Trust me, no depression here:) I feel completely drained after being in large crowds of people. I know that isn’t a symptom of depression. Actually I don’t, but I am pretty sure. Please, if you don’t believe me don’t talk to me. I have ben to every doctor under the rainbow and none can give me a reason for my mood swings or frequent headaches. Sorry to disapoint you.


  1. Start reading books by Jose Silva. I have one of his books: Silva Mind Control Method. Worthwhile reading.
    Google ESP, bio-energy, chakra cleansing, energy-cleansing crystals, etc.
    Get familiar with four trances of beta, alpha, thelta & delta.
    Beta is when you are most alert and physically active.
    Above beta, alpha is when you are relaxed, when you read books, daydream, etc.
    You need to read up on bio energy. If you pick up negative energy, you need to know how to discard it or cleanse it, at least never in your bedroom or not on your pillow.
    I can’t give you any more information as my time is short. You do the rest with google researches.

  2. Ihave the same problem but i didnt know what it was, lol. Like there will be a little boy on the opposite side of the room and he will start to cry then my head will start throbbing and i will start to feel sad. If one of my friends is really hyper and screaming and running around it circles I get this rush of adrenaline to run and scream with them. Peoples moods effect me. Whenever i’m with a croud i feel soo weak and my energy gets very drained and i have to go sit down. Thats wy i hate people! Like for school one year we had this party for my grade and a song we all knew the dance to came on and i started dancing too and then i got really hyper then allof a sudden i got really light headed and i almost fainted!!! Then i got dizzy. I now know I am an empath thanks to u!

  3. wow i really learn somthing from this, i didnt know that what this all meant so i can actually sense things, im being serouis so dont think im playing i dont know how to control it but i feel that way too sometimes and i usually have to go to quit place where no one can see me or hear me and thats how that works for me.. to get rid of everything u need serenity is what i say to keep things calm. because all the turmoil going on is messing with you, and again im dead serouis dont take anything i said the wrong way i really do feel that way but i had no idea thats what it was. i thaught it was just an issue i had.

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel! When I was younger (and not in control of anything) I would find myself going through a whole range of emotions when I was in a group situation (or in a crowded room).
    Meditation is probably the best way I have found to help when it comes to empathing emotions. Sit in a darkened, quiet room (I have found that music helps, since the light of a clock bothers me. Music gives me a sense of time), get comfortable, close your eyes and just focus on nothing. Empty your mind and basically sink into yourself.
    To ground, I have found that going into a shallow meditation (not really deep, just enough to help you focus), and visualizing vines, white light, or whatever feels natural to you sink into the ground helps. You don’t really have to do anything special to ground. Sometimes just closing your eyes and breathing deep will ground you.
    Good luck with learning to control your empath skills!
    No, you’re not depressed yet, but if you don’t learn how to control yourself soon, then you could become depressed. Good luck and feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions.

  5. I’m the same way. I just had to let myself adjust to it over time. I’m 20 and just now getting the hang of it. Everyone reacts different. I would say just let things be.

  6. Its things like these that make me so very grateful for the positive things i can do. One of those things is having a strong intuition about people and whats inside them but no where near the level you are. The person above me is right about meditating. You will be able to not only control your emotions but the emotions you feel from others as well. Kind of like controlling the flood gates. And it might interest you on how what you have works on a scientific level. There are strings that connect all of us and everything together, smiler to Einsteins string theory. And it seems that the emotional energy’s from others travel from the strings and into you. Its possible to control some of these strings with practice.
    I hope this helps

  7. I agree with ‘Mick’. As a witch, i shall often be drained after rituals, or long practices. Meditation is great to calm yourself down. If you dont know how to meditate properly, you can google it easily.
    As a word of caution, make sure you have clock near by when you are meditating, or you will lose sense of time, and try to not meditate for very long periods of time when you are first starting, because you may find you get into a sleep so deep you cannot get out easily.
    anyhoo, happy day. 😀

  8. go to youtube and type in how to do meditation that will help with things 🙂 i am a witch i know what you mean i had the same prob for 6 or 7 years meditation should help in most cases it did me 🙂

  9. From what you say it sounds more like you are suffering from depression or stress, which is aggravating things. Other people’s bad emotions are resonating with yours because of this. This happens with regular people, too. And is more to do with your own mental state than any abilities that you have.
    Regular people pick this up from body language and general “mood”.
    You can get over this by using regular de stressing techniques, nothing special, nothing magical. Yoga, meditation, a change of diet to one with more fresh vegetables and minerals, can all help. You could also try a daylight lamp (The kind used for seasonal effected disorder). Otherwise just chill. If the problem persists try seeing a councilor.
    “Grounding” or “centering” are just new age words for relaxing and calming down.

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