Help on Astral Projection. Fast heart beat and heavy breathing?





I completely relaxed and mentally stimulated my chakras. My body went numb and I began to ‘vibrate.’ My heart was really POUNDING really fast. My breathing was also dramatically increased, as if i had just ran a mile as fast as I could. From the perspective of an observer, I highly doubt that I appeared “asleep” or even remotely relaxed. However, I focused on not moving an inch of my body and quite frankly I felt numb and paralyzed. The only really motion was coming from my heavy breathing and heavily ‘pounding heart.’ Some say that this is actually the Heart Chakra in action. It feels so real though. With my eyes closed, I could have sworn that even my chair was rocking to the sides from the vibration. Are the ‘vibrations’ supposed to be physical? Or just internal? Because it felt like I was on a boat sailing in the ocean. I did, however, reach a point where my eyes were involuntarily fluttering under my closed eye lids. Was this the REM stage? What can I do to fully project? Is it dangerous that my heart pounds fast? Or is it all in my head (HEART CHAKRA)? Is it normal to breathe so heavily?


  1. You were no where near a astral projection……especially if you heart rate is fast and breathing is heavy…that is the opposite. You need to slow down your breathing so your heart rate will also slow down….for an any kind of out of body is to occur.

  2. In order to answer, I have to ask a few simple questions, are you cleansing the area with either sage or patchouli first? And are you in contact with a spirit guide or other planar entity to guard you while you’re away? Because if the answer to either of those questions is negative, then it can be your body telling you it’s not safe to project, research protecting your body during projection and try again.
    PS. Who thumbs down’d me? That was a good answer, for one who believes in projection. The question was intended to help the person who asked, not to tell them that they’re imagining things.

  3. It might be a good idea to get your heart checked out to be on the safe side if it is OK then you are most likely not in any danger.

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