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Help! My bathroom is in the relationship corner of my feng shui bagua. What do I do? any expert advice?

I am new to feng shui and cannot afford an expert to come out. It doesn’t seem good that my bathroom is in the #2 corner of the bagua. Any advice onhow to remedy this? I don’t want my marriage to go down the drain.


  1. Put a mirror opposite the door way and put a prism over the toilet and keep the lid down when it isn’t in use.
    The prism will cause the chi to flow into other areas and the mirror will help it to go out the door.

  2. Don’t believe all that yuppie BS! In all honesty my PORNO Collection is in the fertility corner and I’m trying to have a Son!

  3. Few months ago, I did write an article about this. My suggestion? Besides mirror, you could problably put a picture of flowers or trees to create a little “greenery” to the room. Fengsui says greenery from the pictures can emotionally absorb humidity in the room well. You could simply check these pictures first http://www.pasaya.com/language/en/ecatalog/index_homedecor.php?action=viewcate&cate_id=11&typeid=52
    My mom bought one of them last month, and it’s pretty nice.

  4. fengshui is not that easy. effective fengshui is based on solid concepts as described in this wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_shui. just think about it, if black hat fengshui or fengshui by bagua is true, then you only have a house with good fengshui if your bathroom is built outside of your house! how impractical is that?
    the sad thing about fengshui is that most western writers take advantage of the fact that western people are hungry for a quick fix kind of fengshui and something that is free. so, they jumped to the conclusion and invented black hat fengshui, which is not chinese fengshui. it is not even effective.
    you need also to be practical about fengshui. is you marriage seem to be breaking up? if it is not, then don’t fix something that is not broken.

  5. Use the colors associated with the metal chi energy. Off-white, grey, pastel pink and silver. Make your bathroom disappear. Mount a semi-large mirror well on the door to the bathroom. You can also place a mirror on each of the four walls in the bathroom. Use lots of silver accents.
    The southwest is related to soil chi energy which doesn’t have a very good affect on the water chi.
    water+soil=mud. Does that make sense?
    Make sure the mirror isn’t facing anyones bed. If so, add a curtain between the bedroom and bathroom. Bathrooms in bedrooms are considered bad in fengshui, but then again so are bathrooms all together within a home. Add a plant in the bathroom,and keep away from red/yellow/earth tones in there. Use round objects. Declutter and keep it clean also.
    Remember to remedy the bad areas first, before making adjustments to the auspicious locations.
    Here are the star numers for 2008:
    East is 8, se is 9, center is1, nw is 2, west is 3, ne is 4, south is 5, north is 6, sw is 7.
    8,9 and 1 are prosperous stars, 5-yellow star is most dangerous (no renovations here), weaken with metal, add some black and yellow there. Hang a 6-rod wind chime there, with hollow rods.
    2 is sickness star; do no great renovations here, and get a pair of rhinos to put here.
    7 is robbery star; do not activate this section, and no metal elements in this sector; metal meaning metal and the colors of metal, including wall color. If the walls are white your in luck.
    4 is good; love, romance, 6 is prosperity luck, helpful people success, 8 is wealth star; use chrystals, 9 is multiplying star; it doubles good or bad luck. You can keep this area lit as much as possible, or not.
    Try to keep in mind that fengshui is about balance and harmony. Allowing energy to flow freely in your home without obstacles like CLUTTER. I should talk. I’m having a problem with the clutter part seriously for some reason. Try not to get so involved in the superstious stuff. If you want to use a 3 legged toad, then it will only work if you believe it will! I have two.
    In the relationship section, put things in two’s. A couple embracing or a picture of you and your companion together, 2 candles, 2 silk flowers etc. Absolutely, no pictures in your home depicting women alone. Put up things that make you feel good and get rid of things that don’t. Donate what you don’t want.
    No mirrors facing beds, windows or doors.
    Never sit with your back to a door, when working etc.
    Keep the south sector of your home quiet.
    If your bedroom is in a bad location then move it to another if you can. If not, then remedy the problems for that sector. Especially the south, south west and north west.
    Keep the center of your home clear of all unwanted things and clutter. The center affects all areas.
    For your marriage, like I said place things in twos in ya’lls bedroom; a lamp on both sides of the bed, don’t sleep under any beams. Place some silk flowers in there by a picture of the two of you. Do not use the color peach because they say it causes your love one to have extramarital affairs.
    Oh God, the asians think of everything. I’ve been reading about fengshui for 2 years, and I still can’t find evidence to really prove it correct. Although, I do take precautions, just in case. I’m working on deprogramming all the superstitions from my mind. Very funny.
    Hope this helped, and didn’t confuse you. I took some notes for the new year, and this is what I came up with.
    I read the new year starts feb 7th for the asians, and feb 4th for people in America, according to fengshui. If your not from here, I don’t know when it starts.
    So you still have time to activate and remedy.
    One of my superstitions is to throw away used brooms and buy a new one!
    Good Luck!

  6. This is for Fun! This is not like laying out to save your marriage, this is like a black cat crossing your path!
    You want to save your marriage, never lie even a tiny bit about or to or for your spouse. Communicate even when it is hard.Don’t let him off the hook. Insist on committment and honesty from your spouse. Have lots of sex, and enjoy each other’s company laying down and sitting up. You’ll stay married-and happy about it.
    You want a nice bathroom, keep it clean and orderly-shut the lid all the time except when in use-and have flowers and candles in it. Use colors and textures that make YOU feel at home and comfortable-just as in every other room in your home.
    Don’t fight over mirror space or toothpaste or any other little thing. FIX IT! and forget it.


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