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HELP ME! …………..?

So I was sleeping last night and as I went to sleep something/someone pinched me in my upper left rib (next to my arm,) I know because I twitched after that and I was so freaked out because I looked back and around my surroundings and of course no one was there! I went back to bed with chills running down my spines and prayed; hoping nothing else freaky happens. However, when I woke up the next day in the morning, my left arm felt like it was bruised because it hurt and sored really bad. It still hurts right now. I can’t do push-ups because I just can’t- it hurts! I can move it but I can’t do heavy stuff on that side. I don’t know what happened but perhaps an evil ghost did it? I live in an apartment right now by myself (go to college.) and work full time. I don’t think its haunted but I had creepy ordeals like this I don’t know if there just pesty spirits then leave but it happens rarely. Some other ones included was when I woke up at night with chills- literally chills. I felt like I was in a freezer and I was intensively shaking and gnawing my teeth and I felt like I was going to die. I also had the old hag syndrome.. very scary….. advice?


  1. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t be haunted. Now go get some Holy water and put it on you doors and windows and tell the thing to leave “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave my home now and don’t come back!”

  2. Haha at Lynn.
    Well, it certainly could be a ghost.
    If you believe in such things..
    But I don’t think there is a certain way to get rid of it…
    And maybe, because its happened before, you’re just overreacting.
    Maybe you slept on your arm funny.
    As for the pinched ribs, maybe it was all in your dream.
    Has anyone close to you died? Like ever?
    Because maybe they’re haunting you.

  3. Dude! Not to “rain on your parade”…but it sure reads like you’ve
    gotten a pinched nerve somehow. Maybe a good idea to check with
    a massage therapist or chiropracter (sic?).
    Good luck.


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