Home Discussion Forum Help me find a Native American sweat lodge near Austin, TX?

Help me find a Native American sweat lodge near Austin, TX?

Looking to find a Native American swear lodge near Austin, Texas or in the state of Texas. Does anyone have any information on any? Thanks!


  1. if you are not part of a native community, the best you will find is some twinkie version of any of our ceremonies. be careful because some of the frauds out there are dangerous as many have been accused of things like sexual assault or at the very least, cheating people out of their money.

  2. Flying Buffalo Lodge
    Located in the Texas Hill Country, Flying Buffalo Lodge gathers on a beautiful limestone hill and welcomes people interested in exploring new pathways to awareness and compassion.
    Dr. Will Taegel
    Dr. Judith Yost
    (512) 847-2428
    For further information call or email us at Info@EarthTribe.com
    Owl/Eagle Lodge
    Monthly Sweat Lodges are generally on the Saturday following the full moon in Texas, between Houston and San Antonio.
    Jyl Scott/Reagan, MSW
    (713) 461-7599
    Hawk/Mouse Lodge
    Monthy Sweat Lodges are be held on Saturdays in Chester, MA about 20 miles north of Westfield in the Berkshires.
    Jim Hurley-Bruno
    (781) 545-0190
    Earth Circle in Georgetown, Texas
    Gaye Choate
    (512) 847-2428
    Earth Circle in Wimberley, Texas
    Meets the second Sunday of the month at 4:00 pm
    Lillie Rowden
    722 Saddleridge Drive
    Wimberley, TX 78676


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