Home Discussion Forum Help me edit my story ? For misfits fans as well ?

Help me edit my story ? For misfits fans as well ?

There’s 5 teenagers all completely different people but they all live on the same street.
There’s 1 girl who’s the stereotype make-up hair boys cheerleader. Name : Bonnie
There’s another girl who’s into Art and is very imaginative. Name: Cassie
There’s a boy who’s very modest but all the girls fancy him but he doesn’t realize. Name : Adam
There’s another boy who’s the bad boy he like music has a record in jail for burglary and keeps to himself. Name : Dean
And there’s another boy who’s very spiritual and religious and has only 1 friend. Name: Lewis
They all go to the same high school.
They all live on the same street but don’t know each other really exist.
One day there’s some-kind of earthquake but only them 5 feel it.
This awakens all of there powers.
Bonnie: Influences people with Looks
Cassie: Draws precognitions
Adam: Makes people like him at 1st glance
Dean: Telepathic (Dangerous twist)
Lewis: PK (mouth things with mind)
They all find themselves in the same place after school one day and Dean realizes with his power that they all have these strange powers and all felt the Earthquake.
Something threatens the town they live in and they all have to use their powers to find and stop it.
There is a love triangle between Cassie Dean and Adam and Bonnie finds herself liking Lewis which will ruin her reputation.
They all lose their friends and end up being together all day in school (lunch and breaks)
Don’t know the ending just yet.
That’s the story line but on my question on whether its a good story line people pointed out that it was very similar to misfits on E4 how can i change it so its original 🙂


  1. Well, I’ve never seen misfits, but I like your idea. I just think that you should show the unpopular/weird seeming ones as being clique-ish and herd-minded as anyone, and have them all realize how stupid cliqes, even underdoggish ones, are stupid.

  2. Please don’t feel bad or anything but…everything sounds so typical! The characters are characters you find in almost every book and the story doesn’t make much sense…The names are common and so are the powers and lives of all the characters…
    Sorry but try writing something else!
    All the best!


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