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Help me Achieve Astral Projection?

I just tried to do astral projection, but i think i am too energetic to do it now. i tried to relax with deep breaths and i relaxed my muscles and laid down in bed. then i turned on a binaural beat that was 10 minutes long. i didnt even feel the vibration stage. am i doing something wrong? please help.


  1. The James Randi foundation will give you $1,000,000 for proving astral projection is possible. nobody has ever claimed it.

  2. Astral Projection takes time.
    JFTR though I believe you are roaming around in a form of Jung’s collective unconsciousness rather than the actuality of 3D space.
    I can hook you up with a guidance tape if you email me.

  3. It seems you have already concluded that you can’t achieve Astral Projection. Maybe you need a breather first. You said that the binaural beat you used didn’t have any effect on you? Maybe you should try a different one. You can see the link to some free binaural beats at http://hachis.org/sleep-winks I hope it will help you.
    [N/B just subscribe to their newsletter and you will recieve your free binaural beats inside your in-box immediately]


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