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Help! I think I am at mid-life crisis point!…?

I want to make the most of it. I am out of work. I have some money saved up, and really want to make the most of the opportunity given (before I was just depressed).
However, my interests and passions lie in art and spiritual pursuits. Not the most accepted and easy living in our society.
I really want to be me and go for it, but I am conflicted. My head is still brainwashed by my dad (non-dreamer/ultrapractical/realistic), society (materialistic) and university/career life (business).
Part of me wants to go to art school, part of me wants to travel and be a spiritual teacher, maybe show my art, part of me thinks I should just go off somewhere to a cave or monastery.
Help! How can I know what I am to do? How do I reconnect with who I am and what I really value? After an abusive relationship and abandonment, early feelings of unacceptance from my father, how can I really go after what I want?
I am really tired of settling…
How can one know what they are really supposed to do?


  1. you need to communicate with God….He has all the answers and will lead you in the direction you need to go…also, never just “jump” on an idea…if it’s the right thing, it may tend to be scarry but you will know it’s the right thing.

  2. i’m not tryin to piss you off but you should take yourself less seriously. do what you want with what you can your an adult so stop worrying about a man how has already lived his life

  3. Oh for crying out loud dude…you (a guy) were in an abusive relationship? What did she do…pull your hair?
    I think that you need to grow up, get into therapy about your daddy issues, get a job and make a life for yourself! Get a job in graphic arts; go back to school to become a social worker or a psychologist. In this way, you can pursue your dream and live a productive life. You don’t want to be a mooch now, do you?
    Bottom line: Get a pair, get a job = life fulfilled.

  4. I would follow your heart. In 10 years, will you look back and say “I could have done it, why didn’t I do it?” Sometimes, you have to put what is best for you ahead of what others want for you. At some point, we all have to do what makes us happy. If following your heart doesn’t work out, what have you really lost? So you go get a job and get back into the grind of things, without the baggage of “what if?”

  5. There is nothing to loose by getting in a couple of years of art school and traveling. You may discover that your talent is marketable & more profitable than your previous work. If not, you can return to other work later.
    Any WHY are you letting someone else make your decisions ? No wonder you were depressed ! It is time to grow up and run your own life.
    Just do not overcharge me when selling your items at the art fairs, those things are getting way pricy !

  6. God bless you!
    first of all: pray, talk with God – He is your best friend!
    Visit Europe! Eastern Europe:Romania with the beautiful monasteries in North Moldavia…you’ll be healed!
    May God take care of you!

  7. First of all do a lot of thinking of who you are as a person, what your goals are in life, and how to accomplish them. if you do not want to be a pastor or a minister, which is a calling all to itself, and you would know if that’s what you wanted to be, but you like to talk and express yourself to others in a honest and personal way, i would consider becoming a councillor, a teacher, someone who works with troubled people. you would have to return to school for a while, but you would be doing what you wanted to, and would have the support of your parents because they will feel you are doing something productive with your life. if you do have the calling explain your feelings to you father and mother, but have everything laid out before had so they can see and understand how dedicated you are in moving in that direction. do not be afraid to take a stand in front of your parents for what you believe is right for you, either way it means a higher education. and gives a direction towards you life. thou for the first few weeks your dad may not be to pleased, if you are actually doing what you said you where going to , he will come around and be very proud of you. i can honestly say this because i had the same problem with my son, and he is proving himself right, and earning my respect .


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