Help, I am Confused! A question about the power of prayer?

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Help, I am Confused! A question about the power of prayer?
A question about the power of prayer?
I know How Powerful the power of Prayer is but right now I feel down and depressed.
What is bothering me is that there is this guy that I have known for about 2 months now.
He is a mutual friend of my yoga instructor, and he is also a yoga teacher as well.
He is nice to me and he inspires me.He treats me nice and I am happy to meet him after being single practically all my life ( 28 years). He is 23.
He thinks I am cute.
He calls me names like Love and hon(ey).
He tells me I am cool.
But we’re just friends.
The problem is I feel a strange sort of sadness- an inexplicable sad feeling in my heart when ever I am with him or I think of him.
He is gay. He just broke up with his boyfriend.
I am worried I might fall for him and he might break my heart.
We did not do or say anything to each other, so I can’t understand why I feel vulnerable and a pain in my heart when I think of him.
Why is this?One day he told me that my heart chakra was open, and that I am capable of giving joy to other people in my life.
But when I got home that day, I feel so vulnerable and spiritually weak.
It is a strange sadness in my heart, like as though someone just stabbed me in the heart.
I wish I could get rid of this feeling in my heart, cos I want to keep our friendship and I don’t want to turn him away just cos he’s gay.
how powerful is prayer in this?
Dear God,I do not know what to pray for, right now.
I am so confused.
Dear God, Please get rid of this painful feeling in my heart when I think of him,so that I can just talk to him normally.
PLease do not let me fall into a Trap of unrequited love so easily.
Dear God, please do not let this person harm me or hypnotize or blackmail me.
Dear God, please send someone to help me sort out this confusion.
Please God, send someone to answer these questions for me…. Please speak your answers through the voice of someone else! Please tell me…. Please help me God, I need you now more then ever!!!
Please help and Please pray for me.

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Abomination Ofdesolation

Prayer is useless and falls on deaf ears. Hopefully that clears things up.

Old Spice Guy

Do you honestly think that your god, who happily lets 16,000 children die of starvation every single day, is going to help you with some stupid relationship?

dead fundie

Have a sex change operation. Pray for the skill of the surgeons.


I urge you to start thinking with actual logic and clear deliberation, god is really out of the loop on this one.

mormon girl

Please ignore the other answers. Prayer is your most powerful tool to get through life. If you don’t know what to say in your prayers, say what you just wrote. God can give you peace.


I am praying for you. Pray to God for strength and protection. If you become gay you will go to hell. (1 Cor. 6:9-10) If you do not want to go to hell it may be best for you to stay away from him.
Then there is “love” and “being in love” and being “conned”. Are you in love with God? If you are this man can not effect you.The devil is in that man. Do not let the devil get you. IF a person is really your friend they will not try and change you/mold you into someone else. They will want you to stay as you are.
How would you see it if you were watching a man talking to a lady, she backs away and he forces himself closer handling her, she tries to run and he attacks her? It is done step by step. Don’t let him do it because he is moving slower.


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