help: how to block out psychic/medium ablilities?

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for those of you who will say its a gift and to accept it. i dont want to hear that.
i want to know has anyone been able to block it out, for how long, and how can i do it.
i can sometimes hear them, i can fell their entergy or them touching me or in my bed. but i seldomly see them.i am capable of lucid dreaming and astral projecting. i did my best to block them out but its getting harder.
there are things in my life i simply do not wish to experience. this is just one of them.
call me crazy, i dont give a sh*t. i KNOW for a FACT im not crazy.

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In my opinion, you can’t. You need a special kind of power that the average believer doesn’t have. There are some people who have complete power over the influences you mention. They can block them at will. In fact, they are the most powerful ghost eradicators, psi blockers and demon exorcisers known. They are skeptics.
If you want to block out these things, stop believing in them. Realize its your own power of suggestion at work here and nothing else. When you are able to come this realization, you’ll have the power you are seeking.


relax….if you don’t want it that’s fine…but once you know you have it,its really hard to ignore it or chase it away…it is a part of can try therapy.hypnotism,prayer and oh yes chanting. the noise seems to drown it out…Im only kidding.but a specialist is probably your best shot .unless your into religion an that sometimes could all so just tell them to leave you alone…it is your right if your really capable.but what ever you do you cant run way from yourself,and that means facing up not put on your big girl undies an get it done.blessed be……….bella.


You would have to go into denial that they what you can do is real. I would not recommend it since that is extremely unhealthy for your mind. Just learn to live with it and try and see it in a positive manner.


Try aluminum foil.

Gomez Addams

TR forgot to mention that people of all mindsets see ghosts, including people that do not believe in them. 😉 I don’t know if psychics are really imposing on your mind, and if they are, I have no idea how you should stop them. I guess you could try meditation, and the focal point should be the elimination of foreign thoughts. Don’t quote me on that though.

Gary Y

Join your local skeptics group. Everyone knows that this stuff never works in the presence of skeptics. In fact by doing this you may workout why you actually believe these things are happening. Good luck!


I wanted to block mine too and i did for a couple years,but it’s not a complete block,when you hear them put on some music,lie to yourself and tell yourself they aren’t real,as for the touching good luck with that,it’s the only thing I couldn’t block.

Allie B

I was having problems with my five year old daughter, she sees “shadow people” and has a hard time going to sleep by herself. In my small little apartment her and I have to share our room with each other, so I would go lay down with her to fall asleep with her.. on several occasions while laying in bed who ever this shadow person is would tuck us both in. The first couple of times it happened I just figured it was a shift in the blanket, but once it kept on night after night I finally sat up in bed and said to them, that who ever they are my daughter was not ready to have them be a part of her life, I told them they are ruining her sleep and asked kindly if they would mind just going to someone else for a while. I was kind but demanding. For several months she had no problems at all, she was even able to go into our room by herself and sit and read quietly, but last night it all started over again. So I will wait it out for a bit and intervene if I have to. Just demand in a kind way, there’s no big deal about it.. tell them to leave you alone, life is already complicated enough as it is without them disturbing your restful time.


Yes I can help you block it for good like I have others.
1. Get rid of Ouija boards.
2. Ask curses to be broken in Jesus name.
3. Tell God you accept Jesus blood to cover you.
4. Command it to leave in Jesus name.
5. Command those beings to leave in Jesus name.
6 Play gospel music they hate it.
This has been used for years it works.
Please contact me for other details youll need.


I know someone who has been able to,
but it takes an awful lot of brain power,
you might ought to check witha physciatrist.


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