This is to anyone that knows in Psychic attacks. I did once had an entity enter my brain then it was slowly throbbing in huge pain like it was going to explode literally. It went out about 75% of the brain . This is a psychic attack on the brain does anyone know how to heal this? I havnt found anyone that can heal this / knows how to but if anyone can then please leave email behind / answer ty


  • Are you involved in the occult (witchcraft, New Age, Paganism), or studying any of these things? That opens a door to these kinds of attacks. Do you smoke, drink, use drugs, or have an unhealthy lifestyle? These will create physical problems which could be causing migraines.

    Obviously, medical conditions are also a possibility. If you can, get checked out. Doctors can help eliviate the biological problems associated with illnesses, but you still need to get to the root cause of the illness. Email me if you are serious.

  • Oh dear – some people’s answers !

    Try and find the source of the attack & stay away from it.

    There are some good books on psychic defense, so would be worth reading them. – Just buy second hand rom Amazon or similar.

    In the meantime, some good visualisation and tie cutting excercises will help, but may alienate you from your family or friends – it’s a risk.

    Then construct a pyramid over your home if it’s not too stressfull. This will buy you time to heal properly.

  • You haven’t found anyone who can heal it? I know the perfect cure. You need some rather hard to find ingredients. However, I can show you how to use household stuff.

    First, you need to go to the pharmacy (their medication has a good many natural ingredients worth using). Once there, go to the over-the-counter medication. Find some Tylenol Extra Strength tablets (you can use the Regular Strength ones, but they’re not as effective). Take these home (pay first, of course). At home, you need a medium to large sized glass of water. Any temperature, really, but I prefer to use really cold water.

    Take one of the tablets and place it on your tongue. Anywhere on the tongue is fine, but, again, I prefer to drop it as far back as I can. Take a swig of your water, and swallow both the water and pill at once. If the attack is exceptionally strong, you should consider taking two (if you have the Regular Strength ones, take 3 to 4). Allow 30 to 45 minutes for the spell to take effect. You should be pain free.

    Hope this helped.

  • IT is called a MASSIVE HANGOVER

    AND 25% DAY 2


  • See your doctor. After you have ruled out Migraine / normal headache / tumor and all other likely medical causes then you can begin to jump to the conclusion that you were psychically attacked.

  • Geeze, man! You have not been attacked psychically, the government is trying to control your mind. You need aluminum foil, quickly.

  • There are no “psychic attacks” because there are no psychics. You are suffering from a delusion and possibly some kind of physiological problem as well. See a doctor and consider seeing a psychiatrist as well. Do it SOON, just in case what you actually have is a brain tumor.

  • I have no idea what you are experiencing but I think it would be good to take some aspirin and eat an apple.

  • Once upon a time, the founder of the Hideo institutes, Hideo, was the victim of a Psychic attack. It is written that he merely round house kicked it into the back of his mind, beat it to a pulp until it realized what a mistake it had made.

    It then killed itself, in his mind. Not killing hideo for fear he would follow him into the afterlife and double kill him.

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