my chakras are out and my heart chakra used to be at 100 percent but now it’s at 65 percent it hurts so bad i can’t take it. this lady lowered it she said it was too emotional so she made it at a lower percent. what should i do? and my other chakras are blocked… what should i do????


  1. Reiki, Energy work, gemstone work, mantra chanting & yoga all help to open & balance the chakras.
    There is a link to a Heart Chakra (Anahata) article and Chakra healing below:

  2. if u r on the path of spirituality & understand cleaning of chakras , then i feel its a quest. asked by a immature . your soul is complete it does not need anything from anyone.nobody can take anything or give anything to you except you yourself.

  3. Try to open the chakras by doing some regular exercises and concentrations. Or get some healer’s help to clean the blocks of them.

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