Help for a newly accepting medium/psychic/sensitive?

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I’m trying to find a chat room or website or just someone who has been there. I’ve had what people would call psychic abilities for as long as I can remember, but I’ve always shyed away from them as the visions sometimes scared me. I’m now learning to accept my abilities and am finding that I am seeing and experiencing more. I just want some help along the way. For example, I have found that when I drink alcohol it opens me up to things that are malevolent in nature, so I have resolved that I can not drink alcohol. What are some other helpful things that I should or should not be doing? Thanks!

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Try a lobotomy.

andy e

You do not have psychic abilities,you are just deluding yourself or you have an illness.


It might not be psychic, but it might mean your nature or something could be malevolent.
Some or most psychics aren’t real psychics, they just tend to feel the ‘supernatural’ thing and it or one of it has been communicating in a way to me.
I’m not bad, I believe in good and I believe in vegetarianism and virginity.

Fed up with the crap here

“I’ve had what people would call psychic abilities for as long as I can remember”
No you haven’t. There is no such thing.


Do you believe in the Bible? Psychic abilities are of the devil. I have had my own experience that could be similar to yours. The word of God condemns these type of things, but some of the other things you shouldn’t do include new age things such as out of body experiences, divination, witchcraft and anything occult related. If you ever repent, be prepared for serious out of horror movie experiences. I investigated psychic ability myself and found it is not what it makes itself out to be, but something very malevolent. When you drink you are giving the devil more power over you, so be careful. Same thing used to happen to me on marijuana before I repented and gave it up, so beware of drugs. I would hear a harassing voice like 10 times louder and once saw what I thought was the 3rd eye. This stuff is all evil. Give it up and accept Jesus asking Him to heal you if you want freedom. These things go away with deliverance and you DON’T have to accept it.


I dont know. I dont have those abilities, although I can always use a good psychic. I do get signs from God and my late parents, got some nice ones for mothers and fathers day, but not all the time. I have to pay attention, I’m not talented enough to be on automatic. I know little about you, like types of sensibility and what they relate to (cognition, clairvoyance, prognostication, mediumship, seeing signs, symbols, entities…) At what age are you now newly- accepting, 13? 35? / Yes, you will get more help, the more that you accept. But be discerning, have a positive spirituality only, Im glad you mentioned the malevolent, and Im worried that you would be subject to that, dont go near any ouija board! What do the visions consist of, what format? Have you interacted with others, like parents on this? Have yu found that people like that were able to give you advice? Are you able to turn it off, do you get information involuntarily? on small details, or major issues? Being myself Catholic, I’d say talk to the Holy Spirit; I got that from my non-Christian psychic, but I wouldnt put someone else’s website on a public forum. But I get real excited about someone who is embarking! XXX OOO : )
(Oops, I just put this on, and saw what Spectre wrote. Never dismiss what he is saying. Go to church,, ask God to control all, tell him you dont want anything incoming that isnt his gift. James 1:17. I dont dispute your abilities, I tend to think they are a gift, but I wont refute Spectre either.) XXX OOO : )


i dont know if im psychic, BUT your comment on how when you drink you “open up” caught my attention. I dont know why but when I drink to, I get some kind of “psychic ability”. i dont see dead people or hear things, BUT for example I went to a dog race for the FIRST time in my life (had a few beers and was slightly buzzed) and the 3 dogs i bet on, won. Know what I mean? i have NEVER been to a dog race, I didnt know what to look for- I just bet on the dogs that “caught my attention”. I dont know if this is coincidence or what, but similar things always happen when i drink. if you get any information on if alcohol “opens” your ability or whatever- please let me know. i may not be psychic but im just curious what kind of information you find. thanks


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