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HELP Demons that feed off negative energy?

I’ve heard this theory that demons, or extra dimensional beings (which could be called demons as well) like to feed off of negative energy.
For the longest time I’ve been very very angry, hateful and overly defiant towards everyone and everything and had this feeling like it was my mission to battle the world. Was this a case of demonic entities feeding off of my negative energy? Or was it just me being angry at the state of society, because I do have my own morals and beliefs which are actually good and life-affirming. And it make’s me angry to see all the idiocy in todays society.
But that’s the thing, Its not that simple. I became hateful towards people to where all I wanted to do was fight fight and fight some more and my answer to everything was violence and proving to everyone that I’m superior.
Am I being fed apon by demonic entities or not?
.crazy.fox. Why are you even in this category then if you dont believe any of that stuff? LOL


  1. supernatural things are made up by people!!
    this is a load of shit..
    its not real, your doing this to yourself with your head.
    Just relax and it will go away.

  2. Well there is this picture/painting I saw one time and it had a gruesome devious looking demon lurching over a group that was about to fight. you need to laugh.

  3. entity’s that feed off of negative energy dont cause you to be angry, your mind generates your own emotion. the only thing you may get a entity doing is causing paranormal activity to make you get a fright. If you are highly convinced it is an entity of some sort making you angry then you are talking about being possessed.

  4. well my boy you are right it could be an energy “demon” you must know that “they” first give you reasons as to why you have to be angry and when they succid they will usualy then feed off of your negative energy……………. but what you need to do in such times is to find lurghter and the happy you are the weaker they become goodluke

  5. Ok sweetie. I’ll give it to you the way i see it.
    Demons can fed on a number of emotions and energies. The demon may not have caused this rage but merely influenced it. It would then enjoy the feast as your rage grew. Do have any pets? Like a cat?
    If so then do they stand looking up at an empty corner and hiss or bark if it a dog. There are many signs of demonic activity. One thing you should ask yourself is can you control your emotions? If not then you may have demon inside your subconsciousness. I know i did for a while. This may cause some problems. You may have to seek the help from the angels or pagan gods. It will hurt for a while like a migraine but if you stick at it it should help. I found a website from an astral healer that gave me the information to seek the help i needed from the angels.
    That is the link for the pagan protection grid
    This is the link for the angel grid of protection and clarity.
    Good luck in finding the answers to your rage. I hope that it is not a demon that has latched onto you. It’s a rather bumpy ride.

  6. No such thing as demonic entities, so no, you are definitely NOT being “fed upon” (p.s. the word is “upon” not “apon”)

    • Negative energy does exist, it’s energy, just with negative ions, like Anti matter, smart one. And depending on what your beliefs are, it can be a demon, personal problems, both, or neither, just your personality. It all depends on what YOU, the person who is going through the event. Believes.
      I say, if you believe in the unknown, go to a priest or someone who is ‘holy’ of sorts. I prefer NOT doing anything on your own if you are not experienced. If you think it’s personal problems; Seek counseling or a therapist. If it’s your personality, try to change.

    • ^Did u ever learn to speak for yourself?
      What ever you are in this world u attract. If your always positive you will attract positiveness, call itenergy call it what ever else you want. Your self recuires more of what ever you give it, so if ur alwaysnegative your brain will recuire negativity to function properly. You shouldnt focus on the exterior world as in demons spirits ect. focus on yourself about what you can change from the inside because you are the source and nobody else or nothing else..

  7. No offence “Donut Tim” You might be a top contributer to this site and in this section, but they are both real whether you like it or not mate.
    As for answering the question:
    My friend has a very negative feel to him all the time, and he is the same as you, he believes the answer to everything is violence. My friends and I researched for days, and it may be a demonic entity, or it may just be anger issues. If it is a demon/demonic entity, i advise researching online to find ways to stop them from feeding off of your anger, and emotions. They shouldn’t cause the anger and other emotions, but if you feel the slightest bit angry they can feed off of that and it will provoke you, ending in you feeling more violent and angry than normal. Do as the person a few answers above me said, and seek advice. It will help a lot, and hopefully it will get better. If you have also been having strange abnormal dreams, or hearing things inside your house at night, e.g. footsteps, rattling pipes, etc, they are also signs of demonic or spirit presence. 3 am, is said to be the worst time for these things to happen, so if it is a demonic entity, i’d try and either be asleep or extremelly occupied around that time.

  8. They make you angrier than you need to be. Count to 10, it helps. Just try to control your thoughts, actions and words. Instead of being angry, be happy with the positives by helping others realize the same. Try not to think of the negative things, but think of how things are changing.

  9. Well who ever wrote this, i have the Exact Same feelimgs, hate towards this earth, just evil, evil thoughts. I have a whole life story behind this, but i am Oppressed by a Demon, which means you have full control over your body and thoughts, but the demon helps you choose bad choices, which ive done my whole life. ( back to my life story.) Before i was born my mother used a ouija board and asked the spirit wyat my name was going to be, it said ” core, core, core” ( names corey) and i looked up that a ouija board was the gateway for good spirits and bad spirits ( demons) and she let one out to oppresse me my whole life. Now the reason i say this is cause for a number of reasons, like i said about making bad choices, when i was 3 i picked up a 10 lb hatchet and when my mother was cleaning the floors, and she quotes me too this day ” mommy im coming for you” with the hatchet over my head. She obviously stopped me, and id Never want to hurt any of my loved ones, but why would i have said or done that at the age of three? I was never Around violence or rated. R movies that little, later through my life ive expierenced other simaler things. But i touched a bible and read Zecheriah 14:12, Revelations 11:11, ezekiel 37:10 ( i forgot if thats how you spell them) but that demon made me read these… Its about the plague God will strike all nations against jerusalem. Now that was recent. I never believed in god, satan, demons, none of it. Till i spoke with a christian. Later that night after getting off the phone with her, i rolled over and i got a coldd spine shivering feeling up my back and it whisperd ” get to work” now idk what that means but it was lastnight, all these things recently happened, and through out my whole life. Im going to see a pastor next week, im not religous in anyway but no one else can help me besides the man up stairs. Please if anyone can relate repost.

  10. Hello i was under attack tonight tho i am not a victim and had my role in the anger that attracted the attack. I had a dream of a ex girlfriend who i never see anymore and almost never enters my thoughts.we are friends and I harbor no hard feeling toward her but in my dream she was making me so so angry. I say “she” was but of course it was me. Anyway I said out loud get out of my life you f$%^#%^ parasite so loud I woke myself up. As i awoke i started to question why i would say that as she is not in my life and was far from a parasite. I started to question who I was saying that too when sleep paralysis started to kick in. Just to back up a little and explain.
    I have obe s which for the most part I enjoy and would usually love to have and they usually start with sleep paralysis. Now the timing of the paralysis this time was too weird so I shook it off twice. Side note it has me second guessing obe all together. But back on topic there is no doubt in my mind that something was feeding off of my anger in that dream. Now here is the key earlier in the day I got into a heated debate with a friend of mine and I am sure I attracted this entity by my anger,frustration and guilt for my role in the fight. Now i plan in a couple hours to take a coffee over to this friend and apologize for being a turd lol Now i have insight on what went on and what to do about it but it got me thinking many might not know whats going on. Remember that you attract your own problems be it entities or what ever. Be mindful of your own thoughts and actions. Observe the observer observing if you know what i mean. If anyone else is under attack in anyway before you run to your local priest or psychic ask yourself and be honest what role you might play in it. If your having negative thoughts or emotions try and be mindful of them and the best medicine is to forgive not discounting your self. Anger sadness fear and guilt are powerful emotions but LOVE trumps them all. More then any of us can imagine. Anyway that is my story Love you guys.

  11. What about Demons that can physically harm you? Demons that mark you (in this case it’s a dragonfly, dunno if that helps* and then bite you when you don’t follow their orders? Demons that possess you? And leave when you turn 18 and the only way to get rid of him is Death or turn 18
    His name is Albertz btw or so he claimed


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