Help communicating with my guardian angel?

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I need some help communicating with my guardian angel? I was recently told that one of my guardian angels was a nun surrounded by children. I have since tried meditation and on visual through my third eye chakra I see a few colours.
I know this process won’t be instant but I’m really intrigued to learn and express more. In meditation i tend not to ASK for anything as this isn’t my intention to gain on material things. I often pray for my guardian angel and my loved ones, but I feel I need to communicate on the next level and also with my inner self.
Any help and advice or good internet sites on balancing my chakra’s, communicating with my guardian angel and inner self would be gratefully appreciated.

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What makes you think you have a guardian angel?


Up your dose.


Test him? Walk accross the highway and tell us how it went.


turn to God and pray only to Him. He controls the angels. no chakra needed.

George Rogers

You need to completely give in to your guardian angel. Like when Mary let that angel rape her.
“An angel entered Mary’s room and said, ‘Take off your clothes or I’ll cut you’. Mary did the deed and the son of Christ was born. All the people of Bethlehem gathered around a campfire and sang songs of the ancient peoples.”
Mark 3:33


Go to the Blue Pages listed in your phone book.
Reference the section listed as “Mental Health”; they
ll be more than happy to assist you. They’ll even provide transportation for you.

Kiss Me

I think you should just pray to your guardian angel. Tell it, Thank you for keeping me safe, as well as my family. 😉


Your beliefs sound criss-crossed and confused?
You believe in meditation, the third eye, and chakras… Whilst also believing in angels?
It sounds like you have taken many aspects from many different religions, and merged them into one. That is fine… But I dont think what you really seek is getting in touch with your angel, but more, understanding your confusion about your beliefs. Keep meditating, you will find your own answers in time.

God Is Love

I bet your guardian angel spends most of his time staring down your top, or peeking at you naked. Nice breasts, srsly.


You do not have an assigned guardian angel.

Keep Earth clean,it's not Uranus

New flash
There are no such things as guardian angels.

I got you babe ♥ ♪ ☼

Speaking for myself only…I’ve never had to know anything about ‘chakras’ to be able to communicate or to have a private inner dialogue with a Guardian, or spiritual being.
It has been my own experience that when something needs to be said, they come to you, already knowing what is needed. It can take place in your dreams. I have received several messages about my Life through vivid dreams. I’ve woken up to phrases that I couldn’t have possibly thought of or came up with on my own that had everything to do with current circumstances. A certain feeling can come over you for example. I was driving through the mountains in Tahoe years ago and a feeling to slow down came to me. I was only going 55 at the time so I slowed down to 45. The feeling kept coming to me to slow down even more, so I did. I came around one more corner and here comes this big deer out of the forest and it ran in front of my car on the highway, no other cars were around. I barely missed it as it ran over to the other side. I’ve had several occurances such as this one and one with a friend of mine who was going to kill himself. That is another story….
Keep a pad and pencil next to your bed. If your guardian/s have anything to say to you it is usually said right before waking up or right as you get in to the zone to doze off. I once asked my guardian for their name, years ago. This was the answer I got: “I am such height, as height is to heaven.” That came to me right before I opened my eyes from sleep. Also, I stopped trying so hard and just let it happen on its own and in its own time, in their own time, not mine.
I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. 🙂 I had to learn patience.


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