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help and guidance preferably from wiccans and spiritual seekers?

hi all, the story goes… i have a colleague whom i took as a friend, he would mail me , call me up and i used to talk with him quite casually nothing personal though….after about a year or so he proposed me and i refused…he would continue text msg me but i never yielded and with time stopped all communication with him after explaining to him my intentions!! but his ego couldn’t take it so he went around bad mouthing me!! initially i took it lightly felt he will get over it/me but its been nearing a year and the fellow continues with his stupid jibes….i feel like making a deep prayer /wish that some kind of emotional harm like to his self reslect may befall him soon ,its from the very depth of my heart as i cannot take anymore of the4 rumours and nonsense that he has been inflicting on me….so do i need to do some spell (like to disgrace him in office) ? if so hcan u help me?? he needs to be taught a lesson which he will remember for life.
i did to talk our registrar about it but he reained unmindfull to it !!


  1. Drop me a message if you’d like–this shouldn’t be hard to resolve, really. Just a few more questions for you I’d rather discuss off-board.

  2. You shouldn’t use spells for that kind of thing. You should take action.
    One way might be to say, whenever you are made aware of the rumors, “If I’m so bad, why did he try so hard to marry me?”
    You could also make an appointment with HR and discuss the problem. They may take some disciplinary action on him, because it’s basically harrassment.

  3. Whether or not he has done this before…who appointed you judge and jury to his punishment? Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord! You are not even the instrument.
    Natural law dictates the karmic effect of his actions…not in your time but in God’s time. In the meantime, you might remember: sucess is the best revenge.
    Try a simple visualization that sees him in a bubble of protective colour so that he will have something else to work with, rather than his angers.
    Anger = red
    Spirit = white
    Together = pink = love
    In this way, he can be helped without any false vengeance.

  4. remember the rule of 3. dont do anything negative it will come back to you. the only thing i would suggest is something to get him to see the truth of what he is doing. or anything else you can think of non negative

  5. Dear, stop, think. Serenity now. There are hateful, evil and rotton people in the world. You do not want to be one of them! You are sensitive, sweet and good. Do not sell yourself out for this evil creature. You can rise above the occasion. Do some spiritual meditation. Ask God for the serenity to accept what you cannot change, courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference. One can only put out of them that which is in them. If you start dwelling on negative energy and become bitter and hateful…you become that type of evil being. You are much greater than that. I believe what you really are searching for..is a way to resolve the feelings without being bitter. I suggest that you turn this over to God. Pray good for this person. If you pray or wish bad on him…you are connecting and calling evil spirits…you need good to you not bad. Try to have good thoughts and good actions. You will reap good if you think and live good. Trust me Dear, I have experienced much learning in life through my spiritual journey. Let me be a sister in Christ to you. Peace to you! God will have justice, it is not for us to enforce but him! Trust!

  6. You are letting your own heart be poisoned. Instead try to send him happiness and good thoughts. Pray for him every day. Light candles and send happiness his way. Imagine sparks of light and joy going from you to him. Trust me this will hurt you the most. You reap what you sow and getting involved in punishing other people and teaching them lessons is not the best path in life for you or anyone. Clean your heart an make it pure. Pour compassion out for his hurting soul. Don’t talk to him or get involved on the earth plane. Just soften your heart towards the person.

  7. There are spells that would work, but I really feel that you’d be better off dealing with this in a more straightforward means. Don’t get me wrong; I am a practicing Wizard, and have been for some many years. I feel very strongly that this situation is really a test for you to endure. Your patience is certainly being tested. But look at your posting for a second…it is obvious that you are hurt and angry. This is exactly what he wants from you since you will not marry him. What of the rumors, now? Who is he telling his lies to? Are these people actively whispering behind thier hands as you pass by, or do they tell you what he has said? A rumor only has effect if you let it. Sure, they can be nasty lies, but those who know you will know better. He only traps himself. This is better than a spell! Your prayers will work, but not if they include endangerment. Pray that he finds the light and truth of who and what he is. Ask God to forgive him and show him the way. This is a great spell, indeed! As far as your comment about his self respect goes, well, he has none, you know? If you want to have something that might help, were a piece of jewelry with some malachite in it; this wards off negativity, as does hematite. You have the upper hand, as you always have. Now, this test, which I believe this is, has been revealed to you in dreams before. I believe that you saw this coming, but you didn’t know what the dreams meant. Look back into those strange dreams you had just before this guy came into the picture. They may make some sense to you now. Good Luck!

  8. There’s something you need to realize about thoughts. Thoughts are energy and it has a boomarang effect. When you start thinking negatively toward someone like wishing them harm, the negativity comes back to you. You’d be better off wishing the opposite on him. Wish he finds someone to fall in love with, wish him positivity and wish him that he heals. I know what he did to you sucks, but you won’t be doing yourself any good by trying to put a spell or hex on him. It won’t be worth it…for you.

  9. You really don’t want to use magick for this. Whatever energy you put out will return to you. If you send out negative magick to him it will come back and effect you even worse than he has been to you.
    What you can do is write his name on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of black candle and picture him peacefully leaving your life. And be sure to say out loud “And with harm to none” as you banish him from your life.
    Blessed Be )O(

  10. sounds to me like you are the one who needs to be taught a lesson. Wicca is not suppose to be a religion of revenge but a earth one. Your solution to your problem is why people equate Wicca with the black arts. The best revenge is always living the better life.

  11. I would go to your local legal aid society and find out about a “cease and desist” letter. Basically telling him if he does not stop with all this slander – you will be pursuing the matter legally.
    Another way to handle this would be to talk to the guy’s mother. Explain it all to her – and ask her if she would speak to him and ask him to stop.
    You said this guy was a colleague – so you work together basically — you should have a personnel director of some kind that you can talk to about this situation. Don’t just give up on it. The man needs to learn how to be professional.

  12. <>
    With that one line, you have likely lost the support of all Wiccans who read this. Spells for revenge are a violation of the Rede, and any serious Wiccan would not be interested in helping you harm another.
    Ever consider that the negative energy that you’re feeding into this thing is what’s coming back to you? Walk away and let it go.

  13. Stop NOW! If you want him to stop, do a spell to make yourself safe from his harm. NEVER harm another. What you send out comes back to you times three. Please be careful. It is not our place to teach those lessons.

  14. I’d go with a “cross not my path” working, but keep in mind that magick doesn’t play favorites, and you may be the one who winds up moving somewhere else

  15. In the book To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Silver Ravenwolf there is a spell that I did along time ago called “Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person”. It worked. The guy was crashed out on my back porch after we told him he couldn’t stay at our house and by the time the candles burnt out he was gone and we didn’t see him for a whole year. When I did run into him he was polite and he never again came to my home.
    The spell is on page 222, its very easy and doesn’t require alot of stuff to do it, just a silver bell, long black ribbon, 2 black candles, black gloves and scissors. You can use just about anything for a cauldron, including a metal bowl, just don’t burn yourself on it.

  16. No you do not want to send bad energy to him. It will return to you and you will be even more miserable. Just believe the old saying what goes around comes around, because it is the truth.


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