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Hello world, What is the astral plane?


  1. The oldest teachings, as well as the latest, inform us that there are Seven Planes of Being. The lowest of these planes is known as the Material Plane. Second in order is known as the Plane of Forces. The third is known as the Astral Plane. The fourth is known as the Mental Plane. Above these four planes are three higher planes which have no modem names which can be understood by those dwelling only on the lower planes.
    The higher Worlds, however, do not afford sufficient scope to the absolute Monad and it presses still farther down into matter, through the lower Mental, into the Astral and Physical Worlds. The bodies with which it is there clothed form its personality and this per­sonality suffers and is renewed. At the death of the physical body, the Self has merely cast aside a garment and thereafter continues to live in the next higher world, the Astral Plane or Astral World.
    At the death of the Astral body, another garment is cast aside and the Self is clear of all appendages. It is as it was before its descent into the denser matter, having now returned to the Mental World. The Self finds itself somewhat strange to this world or plane owing to insufficient development, and it again descends into matter. The round is completed again and again, and each time the Self returns with a fresh store of experience and knowledge, which strengthens and perfects the mental body. When at last this process is complete, this body is cast aside and the Self is clothed with its casual body.

  2. There are 7 realms. Astral is the 2nd.
    It is formed by thought.
    We go there to dream and our thought manipulates it.
    It is the first stage of death.


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