Home Discussion Forum Hello.what do you think about clairvoyants or mediums?

Hello.what do you think about clairvoyants or mediums?

A lot of strange things happen to me and i would like to see if someone would like to chat with me on messenger or mail.my id is miha_aida89.i want to see if i am a clairvoyant or i have a good intuition.thank you for reading this.

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  1. This may sound silly, but I do believe that some people are more sensitive to paranomal activity than others. I am not sure if there are such things paranormal psychics, or not, but I do believe that most people that claim to be are full of it, and are making it up

  2. Clairvoyant you can predict or should I say see ahead. A medium is clairvoyant but not quite the same more through energy, vibrations and feelings. I think. I could be wrong. Read some of Shirley McClain’s (sp) books, they are easy to follow and fast.

  3. I agree with others you are being misled, there is no such thing as clairvoyants or mediums), what there is ,is thousands of people claiming it, and making a profit out of it.
    Some don’t charge (a rarity) they pray on the vulnerable “the person who wants to believe” so anything remotely align to the person is obviously fact (and not of this earth), wrong, misconceived.
    They are absolute experts in the art of asking the right question that is bound to have additional information from the person, body language, open and closed questions.
    Just sit in front of any of them say nothing and see what they tell you, it would only be a generalisation and non specific.
    Those people who believe in them, then that’s fine.

  4. That depends on the person. Yes I do believe that there are people who can legitimately predict the future. As far as the Bible goes, One of the most famous prophets was John the Baptist. He predicted the coming of Jesus. He lost his head because he was not believed. Also, UFOS are mentioned in the Bible. Check out Ezekial Chapter 1.

  5. You have certainly heard a great deal of negative from the “far side” *giggles*
    I found this site just now. think you really should read it.
    Good clarity as to what it is and isn’t.
    The difficulty with possibly being clairvoyant is you need to know how to gather evidence of your successes and how to improve when you see that you have some skills.
    Journal is excellent documentation for your own personal knowledge that you are actually doing something. However, remember that “it won’t turn a researcher’s head” as it can’t be validated. For that you might use the website http://www.irva.org where you can gather links to surf off to testing sites and practices. Good Luck, feel free to email with comments or questions.

  6. hi ignore the critics. there are always people on the wrong side of the truth. there is ample evidence of the validity and effectiveness of psychics and mediums. everyone has some potential ability some just choose to surpress it. ive had some crazy things happen to me also . the biggest frustration though has been when i see warnings for other people but not enough detail as to the time frame involved.

  7. Absolute tosh – trying getting to grips with science – much harder – but far more rewarding!
    The trouble with an open mind is it tends to get filled with rubbish!

  8. I love this “alternative science” category. Earth to all you newage believers out there: there is no “alternative” science or medicine; there is only science and medicine that *works*, otherwise it is neither science nor medicine, but only quackery which takes advantage of some people’s need to believe.


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