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Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical movement?

Does anyone still follow pure Theosophy, or has it changed or been absorbed into other beliefs?


  1. Yes.
    The Theosophical Society, founded on November 17th 1875, still exists and is still the central organ of the religion.
    This is its address, phone number and e-mail address:
    The Theosophical Society
    Adyar, Chennai 600020, India
    Phone: 91-44-24912815
    E-mail: intl.hq@ts-adyar.or
    This is its website: http://ts-adyar.org/emblem.html
    The Society still proclaims that its members “belong to any religion in the world or to none, and are united by their approval of the Society’s Objects, by their wish to remove religious antagonisms and to draw together men of goodwill whatsoever their religious opinions, and by their desire to study religious truths and to share the results of their studies with others”.
    The Society still publishes a monthly magazine called “The Theosophist” (it was founded by H.P. Blavatsky, 1879, and has never missed a month).
    The current president is Radha Burnier.

  2. my experience with it is that it definitely strikes a chord, but it would be absorbed into my existing ecclectic practice. i think it continues to be influential in that way, as well as being an independent movement.

  3. The core principles of Theosophy are timeless and they may be expressed in many ways–through religion, philosophy, art, and myth. But who is to decide what “pure” Theosophy is? Ultimately, Theosophy is not really about a set of beliefs but a certain way of living based on the theosophical principles of unity, wholeness, altruism, and responsibility for one’s actions. There are many Theosophical groups around the world. The Theosophical Society in America is affiliated with Adyar (see above) and our local headquarters is located in Wheaton, Illinois. Visit our website, or the Adyar website to learn more.


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