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Heaven believers, How many believe are senses would be on a higher level in heaven, telepathy?

Or if you don’t believe in heaven, what do you think about, telepathy?
Some people can basically do this now, it’s the Spirit that comunicates this way. Sometimes I feel what others think.
I know it’s true, I’ve done it, usually only when a Spirit comes near.
I believe were born with this spiritual gift.
I know some of you would think I’m crazy, that’s only normal, if you don’t understand it, because you never experience it.


  1. I believe you have a perfect body in Heaven, so yes, I think your senses become better in heaven, but yet, some senses are not felt anymore, like the bad ones that hurt you, because its heaven, and heaven is perfect, no evil, no hurt, just goodness, can’t wait for it…

  2. Yes we are all born with these Gifts of the Spirit in different ways. Our presence in this realm somehow dampens our awareness of these things. When we are in a spiritual frame of mind we are closer to our true selves and thus better able to touch upon such abilities.
    So, yes, if there is a heaven then we will definitely have these things on a higher level; hypothetically speaking this would be beyond anything we could imagine in such a realm as heaven.


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