Healing relationship break-ups

Healing relationships with reiki

Humans by nature, are social creatures. We crave social contact so we build relationships to connect with others. Relationships do not only...

What Does Chakra Healing Mean?

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Kyosaku : The Zen Stick

The kyosaku or The Zen Stick is a very light blow given to shoulders with the light wooden stick carried by a Zen monk during Zazen meditation.

How to Deal with an Overactive Mind

We tend to be easily influenced by media and other people and when we let external factors get a hold of us, we begin to doubt and debate our own thoughts. This leads to an overactive mind that is full of contradiction and sometimes, contention. We should learn to free ourselves from outside influence.

Break-ups are never easy. People often describe them as messy because whether they are dealt with honesty or not, break-ups involve a lot of painful emotions. They can devastate a person’s life making them suffer and feel helpless.

If you are in stage of your life right now, please know that there are ways that you can get through this. Here are a few that might help you with your predicament:

Do not contact your ex

If you want to be able to move on, do not look back. Relationship is a structure, and love is unstructured. So love relates, certainly, but never becomes a relationship.

Love is a moment-to-moment process. Healing past bad relationship involves cutting off your communication with your former partner, Be a loving person rather than in a love relationship — because relationships happen one day and disappear another day. Keep your distance from them while you are still coping with your breakup.

This does not have to be permanent. You can be friends later on but while emotions are still fresh, it is better to give yourself some space. This will allow you to heal on your own and faster, too.

Do not suppress your emotions

Repressing your emotions will only cause you more harm. Instead, express your emotions in healthy ways. Cry them out. Talk it out with a close friend. Understand that letting your emotions out is a healthy way to deal with your relationship as long as you do them right. Do not ever resolve to violence or to lashing out at other people. That will only add more misery to what you are dealing with.

Accept that it is over

Accept yourself, love yourself. Acceptance is a simple concept but it is often hard to do. It takes a strong sense of self-awareness and deep understanding in order to come to terms that your relationship is already over.

Stop analyzing the “what if”s and what you could have done differently. Just remember to love yourself, nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else will ever be like you; you are simply unique, incomparable.

Accept this, love this, celebrate this, be grateful that the other person has been a part of your life and he has helped you grow. Most importantly, understand that the chapter you have together in the story of your life is now over and that you must move on to the next one so that you can reach your happy ending.

Do not allow your emotions to cloud your mind. Put your attention on moving on and not on thoughts that can hold you back.

Let go and have fun

Do not wallow in sorrow. Go out with your friends and your family and let yourself have fun. The more that you let yourself drown in negative emotions, the sooner that you will be able to move on.

You deserve to be happy so let yourself be. It might be hard and you might throw in a few fake smiles at first but gradually, you will learn to laugh again. Just don’t give up right away. Keep trying.

Meditate for healing

Meditation is the best way to heal your broken spirit. It works on a subconscious level and facilitates healing from the inside. It will be hard to concentrate at first most especially that you have conflicting emotions inside you but make it a commitment to constantly practice meditation.

It will open your consciousness to realize that you still have a future to look forward to and it will also revitalize your spirit.

You can also try this Tree Hugging Meditation, Hug a tree. And one day you will come to know that it is not only that you have hugged the tree but that the tree also responds, the tree also hugs you.

A heartbreak is not the end of your world. Realize that there is so much more in store for you and you will never get the chance to enjoy it all if you cannot get past the hurt that you are holding on to. Let go. Breathe. Move on.

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Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This will provide you the quiet calm needed to see the truth of your nature and your place within yourself and the world. Your body, mind, and breath will become one.

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