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Healing Crystals – I need help please!!?

What stones are effective for bad skin, skin problems etc
How do I charge my crystals?
Do I keep them on my person at all time? If so how long for
PLUS, do you have any experience with crystal healing?
CD – ”Try Praying” ?!
THATS a joke


  1. This is a joke right?
    Crystal healings thingy are jokes, they are used in fairytales to make the story more interesting, nothing more. Its a scam, and it does not work AT ALL.
    Wake up!

  2. Healing crystals are one of the many homeopathic scams. They don’t work in the slightest. Don’t waste your money on them.

  3. If you have bad skin, waving crystals about is NOT going to help it. What will help is eating lots of fruit and vegetables, staying away from sugar and fried foods, and drinking lots of water.

  4. There is no evidence to show that crystals have any healing abilities. You would be better off seeing a dermatologist – they generally are quick and painless.

  5. wow… i am shocked at how most of these people are being so intolerant of peoples beliefs… i do believe in healing stones – i always carry a hematite and my confidence and self worth have really improved.
    i have never had severe skin problems so have never looked into what crystal to carry for that but i have found a useful website for you – http://www.crystalsandfossils.co.uk/healing.html
    it says Azurite is good for skin disorders. hope this helps.


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