Home Discussion Forum Hay having twin girls, what do you think of these names?

Hay having twin girls, what do you think of these names?

Rosalina Louise Grace and Violette Cherry Rose.
Yeah, im not keen on Cherry, but my boyfriend loves it!


  1. it really has to come from ur heart…..and when chossing think and ask ur self will they be picked on will they not be picked on,we live in such a harsh world and there are so many bullies and people who feed on names.my cousions name is bailey ryce and she is picked on and hates her parents because of it and this is 2009 so what will this world be like 10 years from now we never know.but i am sure what ever you pick will be beautiful………congrats

  2. Rosaline Louise is pretty. so long as you don’t nick name her Rose, i don’t like that name much. it’s too simple.
    Violette Cherry Rose, its also pretty. i dont like Cherry but at lease its a middle name. Violette is such a gorgious name i think!

  3. They are pretty. =) I like Violette spelled the way it is =)
    I have a friend names Rosalie. maybe that instead of Rosalina (even though that is a pretty name!)
    If you like semi-normal names with cool spellings try…
    Szylvia (or Szylvja) ha
    Cadi or Cady short for Cadence
    Logan (I think its cute for a girl)
    Caleigh, Caily, Caeley, Kayli. (I think I like Cailey, or Caleigh)
    Just some suggestions I hope you like =D
    Love Avers <3
    ps CONGRATS!!!

  4. I’m not too keen on Rosalina, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Have you considered Rosalind? Or Rosaline? And Grace Louise flows better than Louise Grace.
    I prefer Violet Cherry Rose, although I’m not keen on Cherry either. I’m loving the Rose part though!
    Imho, Rosalina and Violette don’t go that well together for twin girls. I love Violet, what about just Rose, or Rosa, (or Rosanne)?
    Hope it helps!

  5. Rosalina is a bit over the top. How about simple Rose Louise Grace?
    You misspelled Violet. Violette is trashy. Cherry is a horrible name. It’s worse than Apple!
    Rose is a filler middle-name, but lovely for a first name. Try Rose Louise Grace, and Violet Lily Sharon. (The nickname for Sharon, Sherry, is close to Cherry.) Instead of Sharon, you could also use Cheryl, or Sheridan.

  6. i have 4 sets of twins all girls: there names are:
    Kayla Louise and Isabella Mae
    Lilly Maya and Hannah Joy
    Elissa Faith and Olivia Grace
    Jasmine and Alexa and Violet Anne
    I love the name Violette because it is so close to my daughters name Violet. I love Louise and Grace as middle names because i have a Kayla Louise and a Olivia Grace. I like the names Rosalina and Rose but i think they are to similar but i could live with that. I don’t like the name Cherry sorry.
    How about just use one middle name so:
    Rosalina Louise and Violette Grace
    Rosalina Grace and Violette Louise
    Rosalina Grace and Violette Rose
    Rosalina Louise and Violette Rose
    Grace Louise and Rosalina Violette
    Louise Grace and Violette Rose
    Louise Rose and Grace Violette

  7. Uhm they aren’t my favorite. Rosalina is great but Louise doesn’t flow very well with it. How about just Rosalina Grace?
    Violet is pretty but I don’t really like the cherry part.

  8. Hate he middle name cherry..cmon what’s he thinking!!! Tell him you’re the one havin the kids!! It’s your choice, but I don’t like rosalina… Violette is ok but i’d go with Violet.


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