Home Discussion Forum have you visited the astral world? At which levels?

have you visited the astral world? At which levels?

I have read that UFO’s could be beings from the astral world. Along with other inhabitants and creatures. Do you believe there exists this kind of place. And that we go there in our sleep?
Have you ever tried to go there and be conscious?


  1. I was at level 23, but the monsters were way too strong for me; I had to level up in another dungeon until level 27, and it took two more levels to beat the astral world boss.

  2. levels one through to sixteen i then skip seventeen and eighteen but found i out i needed a Va’kronian star crystal to progress any further so instead i just put all my remaining exp in to mercantile skill so i could barter more effectively

  3. No, that’s all nonsense. We are our bodies, with physical brains, and that’s all we are – there is no supernatural, non-corporeal component of a human being that can ‘go’ somewhere independent of the body.

  4. I smoked some DMT and I swear that I slipped into an alternate reality. Most likely it was only a hallucination, but it was QUITE real to me. I engaged in conversation with balls of lights. They were trying to tell me something. If they succeeded then I do not remember what it was.
    DMT is a powerful hallucinogen chemical that our brains produce during REM sleep. I find it very likely that experiences on the “Astral Realm” have much to do with releasing DMT into the blood stream.

  5. I’ve been to Elland Road a few times, well, a lot of times, but not so often lately. Last time I was in the upper level of the East Stand. When I was a kid it was called the Lowfields Road stand. I definitely tried to be conscious all the time, and I’m pretty sure I succeeded, but frankly the quality of defending on show was abysmal on both sides, and I could well understand anyone falling asleep. You’d think with defending like that at least there’d be goals, but no. It wasn’t always like that. I still remember Bremner and Giles, Eddie Gray, Norman Hunter, Big Jack. No risk of falling asleep there. Norman would have bitten yer legs.
    I hope this helps.

  6. I haven’t (well, not that I can remember), but I think it’s an interesting concept. It does explain a lot – surely there’s more to this universe then just the physical. I think we can go to this other level through a shift in consciousness which may happen in our sleep, or it may happen at any other time.


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