Have You Tried Telepathy (It Works!)?





Have you tried telepathy? I didn’t try, just experienced it accidentally.
I recently met a new friend. She is a young mother like me. When he call each other to get to get together, most of the time, I will just “think” about calling her, but she will end up CALLING ME before I even called her LOL!
Another time, I tried it. We were sitting in the restaurant and this waitor was taking too long to service us, so I pictured him in my mind and “told” him to come. Seconds later, he arrived LOL! I did this several times and it worked with the waitor.
My mom also experiences it accidentally. She also thinks about calling us but me and my sisters will call her before she even dials the phone.
*Would love to hear about your experiences with telepathy!


  1. there’s a little bit of witch in all of us….. i knew my son was hurt b4 the school phoned me, don’t ask me how i just knew that he need me. have a great day xxxx

  2. lol, no really the phone hing happens with me and my best friend who lives like 1200 kms away. i will be thinking of her and she will ring or vice versa

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