Have you tried past life regression? What was your experience?

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I have, they now come spontaneously. They always seem to carry an incredible message I need at that time. They’ve helped to heal old wounds and over come fears.
Actually the scary & discusting ones are where you do the most healing and learning about yourself.

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Sex Kitty


Nirvana Snob

No i haven’t but I’ve been thinking about trying it. I just don’t want my past life to be scary or disturbing.

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its a load of crap, all you need is:
A: hypnotist
B: evil spirits


I have done this and I do not doubt that your mind is perceiving that which you need. I would question as to whether it represents input from a prior life. It could be that the Holy Spirit is providing a vehicle for positive change as it did for me.


Yes I have. Many of the memories come back in fragments so it takes a bit of research to try and match time and location. Haven’t experienced anything scary yet but it definitely explains a lot about who I am now.


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