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Have you tried hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks?

My doctor has referred me out for a few sessions of hypnosis. Im just wondering what is involved and has it worked for anyone.


  1. no but i’ve always wanted to try that. i have panic attacks about going to sleep and have terrible insomnia (yeah, i have a fear of going to sleep).
    anyway, try it. i’ve also thought about acupuncture too. probably alot better than all the drugs we have to take too.

  2. Hypnotherapy has a great track record with that issue. If you are worried about being put under, just remember that you are always totally in control of yourself and perfectly safe. Go in with an open mind and you may come out with greater results than you ever expected.

  3. Hello Earth Angel
    You will probably have a Hypno / NLP mix of therapy, which will work wonders.
    You will do fine darling as hypnosis is perfect for such matters.
    You will be talked down into a state of physical relaxation & either give positive suggestions &/or asked to do visualisation exercises.

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