Home Discussion Forum Have you switched your Religious Beliefs from when you were a child?

Have you switched your Religious Beliefs from when you were a child?

For example were you raised Catholic and you switched to Protestant? Or raised Atheist and switched to Buddhist?
I have.. I was raised Christian and now i’m not offiliated with any one religion. I believe in a higher power, I don’t believe in the Christian Hell. I believe in reincarnation. This has come from a lot of studying into the bible( with studies into the greek and hebrew), Near Death Experiences, and Past life Regression.
I was once taught by a preacher that you should not only believe and have faith but KNOW why it is you believe and why you have faith. Simple Concept but not often realized by People.


  1. When i was a kid, I always just kind of accepted the christian doctrine but Hell never made sense to me and I never really believed in a grand punishment for other faiths. When I got older, I started studying the bible and was shaken by some of the contradictions. I tried to be a christian while adhering to a more accepting doctrine but was always frustrated by how dismissive many christians were to any views besides what they were raised with. I became more and more open-minded, studied other religions and now I consider myself a firm believer in God but much more of an inclusionist. I respect all religions (I think you should since religions are so important to people and it allows you to understand them better) but am not devoted to any of them. If there’s one religion I respect the most it’s probably buddhism.

  2. I was raised a Catholic and still nominally participate in the Church. There are a lot of things I disagree with and many people say that I would make a better Quaker or Unitarian than I would a Catholic. Like you, I have doubts about Hell and belive it to be a fabrication of the hierarchial church to maintain discipline within the institutional church. It is hard for me to believe that a loving God would create humans just for the purpose of having them live for eternity in misery. I am also concerned that the Catholic Church is too conservative in being inclusive. Women still are second class citizens within the church and I can find no scriptual or practical reason why they should not be able to be priests. The Catholic Church spends a lot of money on Church buildings and shrines; money that would be better spent healing the sick, feeding the hungry, sheltering the poor, comforting the lonely, etc.
    I am not sure why celebacy is so valued. Many of Christ’s apostles were married. Celebacy is unnatural and I think the insistence that the priesthood is only for unmarried celebate males, attracts the kind of deviants to the priesthood who were responsible for the widespread pedaphilia scandal that has dominated the church in the United States in the past few decades.
    I think that the Catholic Church is too conservative with its stance on birth control and abortion. It does not make sense to increase the population in a world that is already strained with too many people.
    I also think that the Catholic Church puts too much emphasis on ritual and ceremony. I am not sure that Jesus Christ would recognize what has been done in his name. He came to simplify the religious experience and criticized the Pharasees for being too dogmatic and pompous.
    Many Christian religions these days, including the Catholic Church seem to be operated like corporations where the bottom line is money. I think God and Jesus might be disappointed in that.
    I have reduced religion to the two great commandments —Love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself—not necessarily in that order.
    Organized religion should be nothing more than a facilitator to bring individuals and communities closer to God and closer to each other. If it does not meet that purpose it ceases to have reason to exist.
    While I remain nominally a Catholic, I have read books on Budhism and Hinduism. I find truths in those belief systems. I also am scientific minded and see Quantam physics as holding the key to a greater understanding of both the physical and spiritual worlds.
    I guess my beliefs have changed considerably since I was a kid even though I have maintained membership in a parish of the Catholic Church.


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