Have you set sail upon the high seas of consciousness or are you still thinking?

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You have the vehicle, your body, let the energy of your senses coming into contact with sense objects guide you, make love, energy can not lie, as a matter of fact it has the power to burn conditioning away.

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I am sorry, when I became a Christian, I stopped doing drugs, but thanks anyway.


Thinking rocks.

M to the R Mighty RA

There is nothing wrong with fantasising

jonny s



Is consciousness mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, a matter of will, or do you ascribe to the combo pack?
Where does “consciousness” reside?

Demented Humanized Gumby Droid

If you had the creativity you believe you have, your avatar would not be washed out. A simple darkening filter would improve it.
Or perhaps this is not a lack of creativity, but a simple lack of computer software skills as it relates to basic graphical manipulation?

Sweet Suzy 777!

Yes, Jesus has set me free.


That’s some pretty garbled thinking, there. No offense. But when you say things like, “energy can not lie”, you should expect to be taken to task, because it doesn’t mean anything.


And also to be very, very misleading…
Have you never fallen for a visual illusion?
Our minds are full of shortcuts in perception which work *most* of the time, which is why they are valuable. But to trust them, implicitly?
Demonstrable folly.
“energy can not lie” Well that patterning of visual energy, amounting to a linguistic communication, is a lie, for a start…

Rico JPA

I’ve set sail!…I think…


Ahhh…poor me….still Thinking, I Think….Thinking that it is very tiresome how so many of those who respond on Y/A are compelled to give cute-sie sarcastic answers….I must say that I briefly turned my back on mine own Rule of Thumb and I freely awarded several Thumbs Down….and I have become equally tiresome, I think….so there it is….I am still Thinking….questing hungrily for the consciousness that will burn away my sorrow….and relieve me of these painful thoughts that come on the tails of lost love and seem to be waiting for me in ambush around every corner….funny, I know what the Consciousness will say…it just doesn’t seem to be able to penetrate the mine field that my mind seems to have become…Indeed, I long for the day when my ship will again set sail and free me of this Thinking…
Time has passed….and the Thinking has run its course….and I am Conscious again….Music helps…..Perhaps it is the human condition that we navigate back and forth between Sailing on the High Seas and finding ourselves Becalmed with no hope of Wind for our Sails….What joy when the Wind returns………
Thank you Lovely Dancer….as did You…

Geli Tripping

Well, now yer just makin stuff up. Sounds nice tho, (just gotta stop repeatin yerslf)

She Dances With Love

I am ready for the thrill ride of my life….I have my sails set, my engines started, and gung ho to go! Now it is time to ‘Kick back’ and go! Can I travel anywhere I want to ? Can I let ‘Up” live up to it’s title? Can I bring my Sweet enhancements with me, and use all my wonderful senses? You know, my songs, wit and emotional warmth, all those parts of myself that give pleasurable escapes? Is this like a the menu of life? Can I cram my senses with fun and make this my most entertaining ride, cuz I don’t want to do this with halfway measures? Knowing that I will love myself for this later when I give my all!
Edit: Goldberry gave a beautiful answer! Smile!

cumpassionate chameleon

Goldberry and She Dances with Love for the Win… I Absolutely adore their answers! 😉
As for myself… When I get home and light up a doobie, i’ll be sailing the high seas for sure! Until then, I’m just thinkin about it… ;-P


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