Have you sensed that there's been a "shift" recently? An "elevation" of spiritual awareness / energy?

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Felt or sensed an stronger elevated “shift” of awareness / energy recently?
If so, how have you personally felt it to be? How would you describe it.
Any foundation to what’s felt to be occurring or simply just normal passing event(s)?
It might be just that some personally experience it now and then. Other times it’s sensed and felt to broader range.

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There is a new moon.


Avery good Q, indeed, and yes i have noticed because a lot of the questions i have answered my being very spiritually active person.
One of the reasons is that when the news is continuously threatening, as in war possibility; or as in the present gloom and doom generated by the media due to the depression, peoples fear of the future security causes them to think and act differently. Self preservation comes to the forefront of ones`mind. Always in these circumstances there is a shift within people to move to the church for comfort, or to move to the left Socialism, or right to Fascism, trying to find social security.
This happened in the late 30s when WW2 was threatening. You will notice this now with an increase in activity in the British National Party.
These swings may last up to two years unless we get some stability throughout the world economy.

Spanish eyes~

Yes. I feel that God has been testing my lifestyle to be spiritually stronger. It is very interesting that my friends are all suffering from heartbreaks and all of us feel that this is a sign of God telling us that we need to be stronger in Him and do His will first.
I’m truggling, but I’ll pass the test and be a better Christian through these tribulations.


Yes! Each day, I sense it more and more. I hear many others talking about it, and I am starting to see people ‘wake up’ from the old negative ways or at least acknowldging what is wrong with the world, and what to do to fix it. It’s like people are starting to care about everything once again, it’s hard to explain, but I like it.
The way I see it is we’ve been through 2 extremes: At first, everyone was obsessed with religion, nature and God, and thought we were at the center of the universe. People got killed just for saying we revolved around the sun because people back then thought we were that important! There wasn’t much stuff nor the media, so people did focus more on each other, but not always in a good way.
Then came the 20th century where we realized how insignificantly small we are in the universe. People became isolated and lonely, not feeling very important at all. Nature wasn’t divine, but to be manipulated. Instead people used technology and materials to fill in the gap of something that was missing, our ego became stronger, and science made it look like there is no God. Humanities, philosophy, and religion got swept away by mathematics and science.
Now, we are becoming balanced in betweeen these two extremes. People are becoming more aware of their ego, negativity, and violence. With quantum mechanics, we are realizing that we are all connected and one. We are not alone in this universe, and we’re slowly seeing why nature is sacred, and that we have to take care of this planet. We also have to take care of each other, and we’re more than just facts and numbers, we have emotions, thoughts, ideas, perceptions, we’re human beings. Religion is being replaced by spirituality it seems. People are becoming more open-minded, and everyone is looking for purpose in their lives. Everyday I feel the pressure of these things, and I know that no matter what, everything will be alright.


Rest assured it is not some Religious or Newage fluffy bunny pie in the sky idea, when things get hard, people get serious….That might be why you see such a elevation of awareness or spiritual awareness….People are just setting aside more of their wasteful petty differences to solve the more important problems that effect all of them…..People always return to their wasteful petty difference and bickering though…..


Yes, now that you put it like that, I have felt something change.
I believe in the evolution of the human mind and of society and I think that is happening, especially with a new leader in America and sense of hope shared by the whole world. I think it’s pretty awesome.


uhmm… no, i haven’t

Where Boys Fear To Tread

Yes I have. Funny you ask, this has been pondering my mind lately.


Yes…I definitely feel a “quickening”, a heightening for me and many beings on this planet. An ongoing opportunity for growth; to plumb the depths and let go of the old habits that no longer work, heal emotional and spiritual wounds, and evolve/elevate.


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