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Have you seen the hilarious anti cannabis advert yet?

You’ll find a link on the yahoo homepage in news.
Man what a laugh. And of course laughter greatly relieves tension and is very good for mental health especially when combined with good herbal medicine.
So thanks to “Class B Jacqui” for that one !
I have never seen anyone act as in this feeble advert during all my long time of having an interest in the cannabis herb.
I have also done a lot of mock emergency scenario situation film and prop etc. work and this is such a funny and rather pathetic cheap effort. If it were not so hilarious it would be sad.
Jacqui Smith is going for the jugular on this one.
As this old boiler of an MP knows absolutely nothing about cannabinoids or cannabis horticulture and medicinal uses.
My questions are:
Is this do gooder fear campaign to try and justify the twenty four grand of public money that she screws out of the people each year for an unoccupied residence in London which she lied about while living free elsewhere. ?
How is it that 37 years of interest in cannabis herb to this very day has not had any negative effect on my mental health or that of my many friends whatsoever. Maybe it is simply due to all the laughter dancing and love of these many friends which I have made worldwide through my interests in this amazing ancient herb its spiritual constitution and history diverse uses and many healing qualities.
In true brit nanny state syle isn’t this ad campaign really saying we cannot tax it so we will axe it. The UK govt does not give one damn about mental health issues. Otherwise they would take full control and responsibility for the mess that is NHS trust privatisation and give Gordon Brown some long term sick leave ?
How about some anti alcohol ads to protect young people picking it up in supermarkets and corner stores and lets get bloody real UK ?
All this drug rant and off track belief in wrong information.
Cannabinoids do NOT and CAN NOT possibly CAUSE Schizophrenia.
Utter rubbish. No room or time to explain why but I assure you well well researched. I am not some pothead skulking on the dole in a smelly bedsit.
Some stereotype and greatly underestimate when it comes to people resenting others freedoms?
To the person making reference to “buying” from drug dealers ? When you cultivate a natural herb plant from a seed who do you need to pay in such a direction ?
I wouldnt even know where to find a drug dealer ?
This ad is cheesy cheap scare mongering bullshiit which will divert curious youngsters into other directions such as drug solvents and alcohol abuse. Irresponsible trash !
Captured forever into Babylon, TV footie and all. So using his theory many of Dylans 40 albums and The Beatles Sgt Pepper & White Album were all down to insignificant exsitences and lethargic lack of creativity. Life in the fast lane for you now mate. Of Tescos that is. Bless. You write well I must say. lol


  1. I think anyone who advocates the use of cannabis or alcohol is just irresponsible. Because something hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. We all have a different physiological makeup.

  2. I completely agree with you. I saw the ad last night and it is literally laughable!
    I smoked weed for 45 years without suffering any long-term ill effects.
    I stopped smoking it almost two years ago and suffered no withdrawals or difficulties in doing so.
    In my experience alcohol is more dangerous and damaging, not just to the individual but also to family, friends and society in general. There are plenty of statistics that bear this fact out.
    Edit:to bazspur, my smoking the weed never led to other drugs, nor have I ever been out of employment.

  3. I found it factual, but then again I would.
    I don’t think cannabis should have been down-graded in the first place!
    The Mental Health bill for the NHS is growing, being spent on cleaning up the mess this rotten drug leaves behind
    Buying cannabis only profiteers dealers & drugs barons, keeping them in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed!
    So if tax-payers are paying out a few million on adverts it is WELL WORTH IT,
    If it saves a child from a life of pain, believing cannabis is a soft harmless laugh.
    I do believe then alcohol should be given the same treatment, get the information out there, the damage all these drugs do to peoples lives.
    If they can ban smoking in public alcohol should go the same way.
    If you’re teetotal you can’t see why people smoke!

  4. lol. i especially liked the caller. “oh, by your own admission you shouldn’t be in the position of Home Secretary.” haha. another classic “no, no. you should do as i say, not as i do.”
    i have a good four decades of experience with the herb. it’s never caused me any problems. indeed a good case could be made that it has been quite beneficial to my mental health.
    i like your suggestion for anti alcohol ads. while we do have ads addressing driving under the influence, and underage consumption, few come anywhere near the anti drug ads when discussing general effects of consumption. of course we have very powerful lobbies promoting alcohol in USA.

  5. that’s your opinion, mine is cannabis makes you lethargic and happy with doing nothing, hence all the dole scroungers sitting at home happy with contributing nothing and taking everything. it also can cause paranoia and schizophrenia. i do agree that there may be some healing qualities especially ms and arthritis but that should be done in labs and administered through the authorities. certain people think its cool to sit around stoned off their face all day and talk as if they have some sort of wisdom because they smoke the sht. i know this because i used drugs of every sort apart from heroin for 20 years and smoking cannabis was an everyday habit and the drug that started me on my way. my friends still do it and laugh at me as if im mad because i stopped but i look at them, in their 30s and 40s wasting their time and money on drugs wearing cheap clothes, living in basic housing. i support any advertising that advises the youth of today to avoid drugs because although there may be debate about the health issues surrounding cannabis the undoubtable fact is they will start themselves on a worthless pastime leading to a listless and insignificant existence.
    edit- for every creative soul on drugs there are a thousand in the gutter. tesco’s ha ha very good and you make that assumption on what, stoned again eh, ha ha. i run my own private security company (yes, we do drug testing of employees) and i have recently purchased 100 acres of land and a property in the west of ireland.
    edit2- are you actually promoting the use of cannabis alone, shall we debate the positive points of cocaine/heroin because there are some. do you think the youth should be encouraged to take cannabis. why should you be given freedom to access drugs just because you like it and ignore the harm it may do to others. we have enough of that with alchohol. fact is there are not enough people in power who agree with you because they are all stoned and no-one values their input.

  6. They were interviewing an ex smoker on Sky this morning, and he, like I, agree with you.
    A recent issue from the Crime Research Board estimated the market in the UK alone is £2.2billion. If I was the government, I would grow it and retail it in order to pay Jacqui Splith’s expenses!

  7. I have seen this and I have never seen any thing so hilarious and risible since Jade Goody got cancer. How can these muppets believe this nonsense? Don’t they know the facts about cannabis? There is a ton of research to say it has no impact on brain function and an extremely small risk of psychosis. The worrying thing is that people will believe it.
    Ask Frank is no more than propaganda disguised as fact, worthy of totalitarianism the world over.


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