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Have you seen Fall of the Republic?

With the establishment at every level desperately attempting to extinguish the simmering fires of fury now burning within the psyche of grass roots America, devastated at the effect The Obama Deception had in unlocking people from the hypnotic trance of the left-right paradigm, Fall Of The Republic arrives to deliver the sucker punch to the new world order.
Resistance to tyranny is spreading like wildfire all around us as the masses finally begin the long process of awakening to the agenda of the globalists that targets them for total domination and the elimination of all human freedom and dignity.
But only with the activism of you, the front line soldier in the Infowar, can we ever hope to reach more people and accelerate the transformation of understanding now enveloping the planet as the new world order similarly accelerates its programs of world government and global enslavement in the knowledge that their time is running out.
We are putting out this urgent call to action to everyone reading these words — get Fall Of The Republic — get the DVD or download a high-quality version at Prison Planet.tv — make copies and hand them out, seed the online version to the four corners of the Internet. Spread the truth virally and help us reach tens of millions of people, just as we did with The Obama Deception.
This is not just about opening minds, its about saving souls from eternal bondage to the new world order system that seeks to strip them completely of their true inherent shining spark of humanity and love.
This is your chance to be part of history, to stand up for freedom, to stand up for humanity and become part of the solution that finally defeats the dark agenda of the new world order and leads to the spiritual renaissance of the 21st century.


  1. Yep – lookin’ forward to it. Currently looking for a link to download the film.
    Nope, this isn’t Star Wars, its an Alex Jones production.

  2. Most of it. It already woke up up. I feel like I was in some sort of trance. But after watching most of it I realise Obama is controlled just like Bush was.


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