Home Discussion Forum Have you recently had a spiritual awakening ?

Have you recently had a spiritual awakening ?

Has anyone else experienced this wonderful, unexplained phenomena ? I myself have experienced this, and another person that I know has also. My father was part Cree and my mother was Cherokee and my awakening has brought me closer to my Native ancestors. It is sometimes overwhelming, but very welcoming. If anyone has experienced this as I have, please tell me about it, I would love to hear from you.
I am not referring to an “epiphany”. I stated that it has been an awakening, there is a difference. I am asking for people to share experiences of profound understanding of a balance and harmony that does exist in this world. If you have not had the experience then your comments are a waste of time, especially if they are arrogant and ridiculous. If you are serious with your answer then we have something to talk about.


  1. you mean an Epiphany?
    that’s just taking the wonder of the universe one step too far.

  2. Yes, lately I had a rude awakening. I have been confronted with so much evil that it dawned on me that god does not exist, impossible. Impossible!


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