Have you read this beautiful quote from Lao Tzu?

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“I find good people good
And I find bad people good
If I am good enough;
I trust liars
If I am true enough;
I feel the heartbeats of others
Above my own
If I am enough of a father
Enough of a son.”

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Giggle Sticks




Just Plain Ol' Green Kitteh

*Smiles as I read*
That truly was beautiful, although I quite don’t understand it yet. I’ll have to read it more.


I like it…
Lao Tzu was a wise man…


it’s a cute piece, but i disagree with what says “I trust liars, If I am true enough” God says fear the liars, so from whatever sense Lao Tzu says that he trust liars is incorrect, coz liars harm the belief of others and the conscience of themselves.


Oh yeah?
Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.”


I found an ignoramus!


Not sure I “get it” , I hope I don’t become so good that I trust liars though.


I studied Taoism at school and it is the most wonderful ideology- you are right it is beautiful!! Taoism roughly follows the idea of ‘ just being’- if more people believed it I think it would be a better world! :))

Thimmappa M.S.

Yes, great and true words. We are the world. Keep ourselves good, world is good!


When did you regain your wings? Plato’s Phaedrus

Christian M

Thank you for that. I had never read those words of Lao Tzu though I’ve been familiar with much of his writings since high school, (1962).
It is beautiful. I’m sorry people don’t understand that when a person is established in the truth they do not have to fear anything at all, even liars.
There are many true things that people do not discern. This is one I love; ‘A lie, in Truth, does not exist.’ Therein lies our safety and assurance.


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